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This site is set up for anyone that has kids! If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail Rebecca or Brenda. Between the two of us, we have 8 kids, and we should be able to handle almost any question you could throw at us. Come back often and visit us!

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Welcome to the Home that lives within this house,
Where loving little kids is all that really counts.
The dishes in the sink, the crumbs upon the floor,
And all the dirty laundry are secondary chores.
Now, don't assume I'm lazy, by looking at this mess,
I put in 40 hours and still don't take a rest.
I polish little minds, as bright as they can be,
And sweep out tiny hearts and keep them pure and clean.
Each and every soul is scrubbed until it gleams,
I also pick up spirits, should they ever lose a dream.
So, push the clothes on over, and have yourself a seat,
Excuse the toys and cookie crumbs sticking to your feet!
Judge me as a mother, not the maid I ought to be,
I prefer sparkling little lives to a house dirt free!

E. Gordon Scott

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