Well, even with the twists and turns in cyberspace, you were able to find us. Good! If you are a Wolf or Wolf-dog hybrid lover, pull up a chair and get comfortable.....


Silverwolf was my companion for nearly 4 years. He has left this plane of existance, residing now only in Spirit. This site is dedicated to his memory - his story will be found in the links under wolfdog stories, as soon as I can find it in me to finish writing it........

Baby Silverwolf

This site is dedicated to providing information on wolves and wolfdogs - those in loving homes, those in the wild, those needing adoptive homes, and those who never had a chance. The links below will lead you to stories, wolf/wolfdog information, listings of animals who need adoptive homes, and rescue/rehabilitation facilities who need your support.

Silverwolf - computer painting by Michele
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This site will always be under construction. Please bear with us, and come back to visit often. We will try to offer new stories and links from time to time.

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