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    Hi I'm vickydicaprio.
    Come and Visit this site for the best Leo gossip Did you hear That a British Lap dancer supposedly had a ane night stand with Leo and that Leo tried to date Elizabeth Berkly ( Jessie, Saved By the Bell )but a sexy phone call between the two was interupted By Liz's Boy friend who then had a fight with Leo and gave him a black eye.

    I would just like to give support to the best Soccer Team in the world Arsenal FC who WON the double in England.
    Is it true I need some more info but in 'The Star' (a british news paper) they said that Leo had sent a letter to , get this, Baby Spice and it asked her if she would go out with him . Is this true does anyone know anymore about the subject . I NEED TO KNOW. What about Leo and Naiomi Campbell, Acording to 'The National Enquirer' Leo and Naiomi are in love and spent nights together in a very exclusive hotel in Paris, the weekend of the Man In The Iron Mask premier . Then in the next additition he wasn't there with Naiomi he was there with Kate Moss (who by the way comes from my area). It says He stole her off Johnny Depp , but Johnny doesn't know yet . They are supposed to be head over heels in love with each other.
    Quotes from the man himself :