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Queenslanders for Constitutional Monarchy

Welcome to the QCM index page!

The passing of the Queen Mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, 30 March 2002
Dr. Glen Sheil, Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen, and other delegates to the Constitutional Convention
6 Nov 99 Referendum Results
The Queen Mother's 100th Birthday 4 Aug 00
Constitutional Convention Hansard
QCM Candidates
Tribute to the late Neville Bonner AO
The Royal Family and other Monarchies
QCM President, Cr. the Hon. Yvonne Chapman
Articles and References (including the Australian Constitution)
Constitutional Monarchists (in Australia and abroad)
Support QCM
Contact QCM
Australian National Flag Association of Queensland
National Anthems and Songs
Michael Darby's Home Page
Significant Pro-Liberty Sites, Australian and International
Australian Survey Forum
Sir Harry Gibbs & Sir Anthony Mason (ABC Law Report, 17 Feb 98)
List of Australia's Governors-General since 1901

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