Q Pals is a new FREE penpal service for members of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Communities. Here you will find listings of gay men, lesbians, bi men and women and HIV+ people who want to make contact with people like YOU!

Q Pals is pleased to accept adverts from those looking for a long-term relationship but please note adverts of a sexual nature will not be carried here. All advertisers should be 18 years of age and older. Q Pals reserves the right to decline to carry any advertisement here for any reason that it sees fit.

To place your own advertisement here please select the Place An Advert button at the bottom of the page. You will then be given all of the information you will need to submit your entry. When placing an advert you may wish to use a different e-mail address to that provided by your ISP. The Links page lists a number of e-mail providers who offer free accounts or free forwarding services.

As with meeting any new person please observe appropriate caution when replying to adverts placed on this web site. Q Pals aims to carry only legitimate adverts from genuine sources, however cannot guarantee that the person or persons are who they claim to be. Q Pals is unable to accept any responsibility for any harm or ill effects which may arise from persons either placing or responding to adverts placed on this web site.

With the serious business out of the way, I hope you will find Q Pals to be a valuable service and that you will soon have increased your circle of friends. To proceed please select a category from those detailed on the left.

This site was last updated Saturday 6th November 1999

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