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Welcome to the Windy City, which only applies to our politicians. Our chapter is large and still growing with activities every month.

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2002 Events
June 5 Coffee 6pm @ Cafe Ennui
June 10 Coffee 6pm @ Hotti Biscotti
June 19 Coffee 6pm @ Cafe Ennui
June 23 Br/Lunch 12noon @ BD's Mongolian
June 24 Coffee 6pm @ Hotti Biscotti
June 30 Pride Parade - Anyone wanna watch the parade together?

July 3 Coffee 6pm @ Cafe Ennui
July 8 Coffee 6pm @ Hotti Biscotti
July 17 Coffee 6pm @ Cafe Ennui
July 21 Br/Lunch 12noon @ BD's Mongolian
July 22 Coffee 6pm @ Hotti Biscotti

Market Days August 10 & 11.
Anyone wishing to meet up and roam the streets??

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