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Last Updated on 04.19.2001
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Hi visitors, and welcome to Zowie's New AEROSMITH page. For any of you who didn't frequent my old page, I'm Zowie and I'm a HUGE Aerosmith fan. This page is/will be a tribute to them and a small way to say thanks for all the meaning they've put into my life (aawwww). Well, thats all thats important about me. Thanks for visiting, and please stop by frequently, I'm always updating! As always, Rock-on /^^(A)^^\!


Here are the the parts of my page with a small description by each. webrings are at the bottom :-)

NEWS: Click here for the latest news on the Bad Boys of Boston. If you have news story for me to post e-mail it to me. due to space conservation news will only be availiable here for 3 months, but you can recieve a copy of older news through email if you request.

SONG SPOTLIGHT: The current song spotlight is Angel's Eye. You can find the lyrics scrolling at the bottom of your screen. Click this section to find out a little more about this song, or past song spotlights.

STEVEN SECTION:Yeah i know it's no secret, I LOVE Steven Tyler. Click here and you can see some great themed pics of him!

BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE: As you all know Steven's Birthday was on 03-26, this is my tribute to him & his day...hope ya had a great time Steven!

BOSTON '99: Boston '99 was a gggrrrreat Aero-trip. Click here to read about the time I spent with my net-friends and Aerosmith's Official cover band Draw The Line.

REVIEWS: Click here to read reviews on Aerosmith's albums, books, videos, and much more. I post reviews from both myself and other fans so if you want your opinion on Aero-stuff voiced, email me here

BASIC QUIZ: Click here for a basic Aero-quiz. The answers are provided after the questions. If you master this one go on the the Visitor Quiz below.

VISITOR QUIZ: Click here for a harder aero-quiz. no answers provided, but the first person to e-mail me the correct ones gets their name posted, then more questions will be added.

BAND MEMBERS: Click here for some brief info on each member of Aerosmith...AND an Aero-matchmaker quiz for the ladies!!!!

LOST MEMBERS: Click here for some breif info on the three other guitarists that were once in Aerosmith: Ray Tobano, Rick Dufay, and Jimmy Crespo

PICS: This is the only part of my old site that survived as a whole. You can go here to see some pics of the band members, but there is no home link so you'll have to hit your browsers back button to get to my start page again.

I WANNA KNOW WHY: Click here for some little known Aerosmith facts..very useful if you want to stump someone with Aero-trivia!

BIO & MORE: Click here to see a short band bio, a Lyric Jumble, and info on where you can find aerosmith in movies and on tv.

JUMBLES: Since i got rave reviews from my last lyric jumble i decided to add more... come see if you can untangle the lyrics!

QUOTES: heres where you go for some famous quotes from the band & their songs. Quotes from all 5 band members now up!

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: click here to see what could have been (rejected aero-names). lists of album titles, song titles, and band names now up!

TOP TENS: Click here for a little aero-humor...lists of Aerosmith related Top Tens (come see if you can get all the jokes)

QUESTION PIT: Heres where I've decided to post the answers to the frequently asked questions i've gotten in the mail since my last site was put up. Feel free to contribute.

MEMORABILIA: Click here to see some Aerosmith memorabilia and merchandise that people have collected. All the pics i put up have been sent to me from others & their names will be listed.

POLLS: I have worked out all the kinks and my polls page is finally back! Click here to voice your opinion about Aero-topics and read the results of some past polls!

GET INVOLVED with Aerosmith's favorite charities. I know this is at the top too but common atleast check out what the boys are involved with...some won't even cost you anything to help too.

LINKS: go here for links to some aerosmith and non-aero sites/clubs that i frequent and you might enjoy.

AWARDS: Hey, My page has won some awards (amazing, i know)! click here to see them. Thanx all you guys & gals for your support!

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**LEGAL STUFF** Besides being a fan, i am in now way affiliated with the band Aerosmith. Nor do i claim to own a coprywrite to any of the pictures on my page(s). If you are a copywrite holder and would like me to acknowledge your ownership on my page or remove the pics just e-mail me and i will do so, and i will also try to inform other page owners displaying your pictures of your rightful request. I mean to cause NO harm to any person, place, thing, group, or organization with this site. I am just a fan wishing to show my love for a great band. If you have a problem with ANYTHING on this site, please e-mail me about it, I am always willing to correct my mistakes and please my visitors. This site is ment for visitors of all ages, and is censored accordingly, if something you post in my guestbook, or send for my reviews or news page does not fit this requirement i have the right to edit it before putting it on my site. Once again, my intent is not to offend any person, group or, organization. I hope you have enjoyed my site, it is here for your entertainment.

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