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No FrAmEs!! FrAmEs!!

Hey there, thanks for dropping by my page!.. well it's been too long, I havent edited this page since 1999! and now it's 2002... well don't worry I'll fix it up =].. well if you want to chat and give me suggestions.. my AOL Screen Name is BonesOfBabyDolis... well go ahead an check out the rest of my page... click on FRAMES or NO FRAMES to go enter my site.. please don't forget to sign the guestbook....!!! And oh yeah, one more thing, e-mail me if you'd like! I never get any! haha Mail Me!!!

My FaVoRiTe ShOeS fO BrEaKiN'

mE n My KrEw

I Wanna give a big shout out to all my friends from school and online.. starting off with John, Mike, Matt, Alfonzo, Stephen, Stephen Om, Carlo, Miguel, Paul, Jam, Rachel Ann, Sandra, Lawrence, Ryan, AL, Sheena, Roberto, Ace and Kern... to all of my online friends.. startin with LiSa aka FrAnCiNe DeE!, Stacey, Aimee Ting, Ai-Mun aka AmigaMun, Franky, Emily aka TinkoKeshi, Jeannica aka JeNN, Soraya, Jacki, Lynda, Melissa, John aka Cgwapoako, Tommy, DaViD, LaWaN, Ronnie, SayckeOne1, Carlo aka Vegetta001, Kim aka Nikki, Mechele, Michmanlo, Jannette Vo, Matt aka Weirdo, Kristine, Christine, Maria, mah nigguh Elmo, Angela, JapKrm, and AzNGoDeZz... damn I'm tired of writin all them names!.. n I wanna give the biggest shout to everyone else that supported me.. as bein a friend or juss bein dere fo me when I needed sum help.. n one mo shout-out to mah homiez up in da bay area 7o7 killa kali~4~NiA!!!.. keep yo AzN PrYdE n DoN't HaTe oN US.... Imma miss talkin to all of you guys..!! don't forget to mail me whenever!.. PeAcE

TaG MaH GuEsTbOok!!!! TaKe A LoOk iNsIdE MaH G~BoOk

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