Hey guys. I've got some bad news I'm afraid. I'm selling out. All my cards (3000+) are inventoried and up for sale. Take a look here. I will continue to maintain this site, but I'm leaving the game. At least take a look. I don't want to do it, but it's a must at this point. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

"Mos Eisley Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany." - Old Ben Kenobi (160kb)

the mos eisley trading post

sentients have visited since it's creation.

From the Desk of the Piffle

Hi everybody! Did you notice that I fixed the title images? What do you think? Do they look real? Anyway, I wish to apologize for not getting any entries posted recently. I am realy racking my brain for a way to fix this, but I'm coming up short. I get anywhere from 10 to 75 aplications a day, and I'm swamped! Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. E-Mail me if you have one. Thanxabunch!
David Miller

Hi. I'm David Miller, I own this joint. This'll be a place where i've been hooking up Star Wars:CCG traders. If you don't know what the Star Wars:CCG is, please click here to find out more. For the rest of you, the Trading Post is open for business...



We at The Mos Eisley Trading Post take no responsibility for bad trades. The world is not a perfect place. Be very cautious about who you trade with. Try to use your own judgement. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Please don't let this warning discourage you, but be careful and May the Force be with you.

The Mos Eisley Trading Post Roster

E-Mail First Name Fave Character Want List Have List
gmoff@geocities.com Piffle Captain Han Solo $1500, or best offer ALOT. Go here to see the full 3000+ card sale.
pooka-den@juno.com Den Greedo Speaks! (43kb) *WB* Darth Vader, *WB* Han Solo, Vader's Saber (WB or BB), General Veers, Mournful Roars, make me an offer... Massassi Throne Room, The First Transport ..., This is Just Wrong, K-3P0, Yag Gax x2, Move Along, EBO, and much more
dwornik@eagle.ca Ryan Check out his web site to see his Wants list. His Have list is there too!
johannes@fuse.net Adam de Jong Luke Skywalker Commander Luke, Rogue 2, Rogue 3, Bliz 1, Anakin's Saber Conquest, Hem Dazon, Who's Scruffy, Tactical Support, Weapon Malfunction, Full Throttle, Manuev Check, Noble Sac, 5D6-RA-7
jrredden@aol.com J.R. Due to his large number of Haves and Wants, i put the lists on a seperate page. Just Click Here to see the lists. <--Read This
despoiler@juno.com Jonathan Captian (Admiral?) Piett Bliz Scout, Conquest, Devastator, Kiffex, Mournful Roar Wes, Death Star Plans, Ceramonial Neclace (Leia's), Hobbie, Bliz Walkers, ISDs,Ktik, DS Trirumvate (Motti, Tagge, Tarkin), Respons of Command, lots else
GrdAdmSpam@aol.com Marc Dannik Jerriko He's got massive lists as well, so i put them Here. <--Read This
ed83@hotmail.com Edward "Birdman" Gohl Wedge He's got his list on his own page. This sentance is a link to it <-- Read This
douge@primenet.com Admirle ISD All Star Destroyers (esp. the named ones), Veers, Bliz Walkers, Sandcrawler loading bay and almost anything else He has too many cards to name so if you are interested in trading, just e-mail him
haggen@pcisys.net Black 24 Grand Moff Tarkin His lists are huge, so Click Here to view them. <-- Read This
elric@moose.erie.net Bill Gilson BB/NM Main Characters + Ships e-mail him if you're interested in trading
daveaderbyks@msn.com Jacen Solo Braniac DVader, Kenobi, D JediPres, JediPres, 2-1B, Cpn Peitt, Hem Dazon, Kiffex, Obi's/Vader's Sabers, Pres Force, Devastator, Conquest, The Falcon Art Remote, Rouges 2 & 3, Zev, Brainiac, Corellia, Dejarik Board, Let Wookie Win, Wedge, Red leader, Molator, Dannik, D. Star, DS TractBeam, CPI, Hypo, Bliz 2, D. Mark, Meteor?, Image Dark Lord
davidsolo@hotmail.com David Solo Wicket Big Lists. Follow this link. <-- Read This
tjjuliano@aol.com Tom Wedge Large List. <--Read This
JBLYNCH@eagle.liunet.edu James Bib Fortuna Anakin's Saber, Rogue 1, You Have Failed..., Death Mark, Frozen Dinner, Meteor Impact?, Mournful Roar, Stalker Another Large List.
bdarrow@accs.net Jeff Darrow Luke light. prof., R3-T6, gift of the mentor, Dark collaboration, revolution, Help me obi-kenobi Everything thats not on my want list
gmckinney@megabits.net Ryan McKinney Luke Skywalker All Mains, ISD's, VSD's, most Uncommons VERY large, e-mail to see if he has what you want
eklette@online.no Erik Mosep Big List. You Know What to do <--Read This
Jedi_Master_Hawk@msn.com Hawk Wes Janson (All WB) Obi-Wan, his Saber, Red Leader, Revolution Tzizvvt, Han Solo, The Falcon, Dutch, R2, Pops, Gold 1
DDiaz20@aol.com Dan Darth Vader WB DARTH VADER, BB TARKIN, Conquest, Bliz. Sct, Conc.Grenade, Rogue 1, Commander Luke E-Mail for Have List
Brijack@iastate.edu Brian Jackson Darth Vader / Brainiac Any Star Destroyers, Vehicles of all kinds, Good Character cards Darth Vader (White border, unique character)
dona@dona.mindspring.com Robert Ngenzi Luke Skywalker Luke,Vader, Stormtrooper, Dark lightsaber,T-16 skyhopper And good ones Alot
scha5200@oak.websurf.net Tim Schartz Wedge Tonnika Sisters, (DS) Alderaan, Obi-wan's Cape, Light Repeating Blaster, (LS) Disarmed, Massassi Throne Room, Vader's Eye. Obi-Wan (For all of my wants), Grand Moff Tarkin WB, Lots of premiere BBs
adamsack@visi.com Emperor Emperor Palpatine Darth Vader, Disarmed (ls&ds), Tyrant Besieged (2), Thank the maker (3), Death mark (2), Turbolaser battery, Wampa Cave, Adm Motti (2), Chewie, Full throttle, also has a ton of great cards (Devastator, Death star, Obi, Luke S., and more) but he wants alot for them.
msteele@stitcherssource.com Mark Steele Iceheart Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader
mrylande@sendit.nodak.edu Mike Rylander Wedge Antilles Rug Hug, Obi-Wan Kenobi All Light Cards not on my Want list
rdaw@ballistic.com Phillip Daw Luke Any of the main characters, starships, sense, alter, Dr. Evazan stalker, beggar, wioslea, rebel guard, corvette, ds-61-2, turbolaser battery, capt.piett, the basics
yu175892@yorku.ca Lom CA$H D. Vader, Ben Kenobi, Leia, Luke, Han, Falcon, 2 Tarkins, and many more.
Barrus@flashnet.com Kieth Any major characters Go Here <--Read This
jpar@bbs.pconnect.com Will Parham Obi Wan Luke SkyWalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Vader/Obi-Wan's Sabers, Han's Blaster, Biggs, and Devastator Leia Organa, Gift of the Mentor, Cantina Brawl, Affect Mind, Lightsaber Prof, Don't get Cockey, Myo, Assault Rifle, Sandcrawler,Lone Pilot and Warrior, and more.
ZuckussII@aol.com Doug Vader Large List <-- Read This
mike-corcoran@worldnet.att.net John Sy Snootles greedo, wedge, tantive 4 , red 2, red leader, rogue 3, all named star destroyers all main characters and LOTS o rares
rjfauss@cyberton.com Jeff Faus Han Solo Star Destroyers, Red 2+5, R2-D2, Red Leader, cash Han, Luke, Chewie, Obi Wan, his lightsaber, Commander Luke, Tarkin, Motti, Rogue 2, Blizzard 2, Falcon, Piett, Bacta Tank, Echo Base Opperations, R-3P0, U-3P0, Wes Janson, Dak Ralter, Wedge, Zev, Wampa, Wampa Cave, All rebel planets
rbartlett@erols.com Ian Darth Vader Adm Motti, Gen Tagge, Vader's Tie, Vader's saber Tyrant, GM Tarkin, Chewie + Bowcaster, Obi Wan's cape, all Death Star sites and more
JEmperor@ix.netcom.com Ben Obi-Wan Anakin's Saberx2, Cmdr. Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Wampas, Superlaser, Tyrant, Devestator, Conquest, Stalker, Darth Vader. Labria(s), Jedi Presence, Physical Choke, Gen Tagge, Sandcrawlers, Gold 5, Death Star, You have Failed..., Will combine cards and $ for a trade, E-Mail for More.
shomojo@erols.com Joshie Jawas Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Tantive IV Looong List, click here
ClayGumby@aol.com Chris & Tim Lando Falcon(x2), Wedge(x2), Red 2, Gold 1&2, Leia, Obi Wan(x2), Wookie Roar, Red Leader, Vader, Rouge1&2, Kal Falnl, Vader's Saber(x2), Obi's Saber, Anakin's Saber(x3) Darth Vaderx3, GM Tarkin, Leia, Luke Skywakerx3, Vader Tiex2, Devestator, Stalker, Death Star, Vader's Saber, Obi's Saber
Rscalf@jaws.greatwhite.com Ray Rancor Any Star Wars Micro Machine Vehicles, Falcon or Tie Full size Vehicle, R2-D2/Jabba's palace playset Almost all Limited or White Border
kreierson@aries.me.cc.mn.us Kieth Vader Vader, vader's saber, bliz 1, bliz scout, turbolaser bat., star desrtoyers, gen. veers, TARKIN, d.jedi pres. leia organa, c-3p0, dr.evazan, MOTTI, death star, superlaser, tons of rare cards email me for complete list.
ncorwin@sprintmail.com Sarlacc Salacious Crumb named Star Destroyers, Cmd. Luke, Anakin's Saber, Adm. Ozzel, Gift of the Mentor Fairly big list
scooter@solgate.com Frank Morgan Boba Fett C-3P0 Black Border Have a spare Commander Luke Skywalker, R2 and Wedge. those are the Main caracter extras I have, but have much more
sanborn@mail.sdsu.edu Ryan Han Solo Leia, Luke's, Obi-wan's lightsaber, Chewie, Death Star Ton of stuff. E-mail to find out
Bontrager5@aol.com Yoda Yoda, Son of Skywalker, Han Solo, Millenium Falcon, Obi-wan Kenobi Premium Luke & Vader, Red 3 Gold 5, Run Luke Run, Vader's Obsession, U-3PO, IG-2000, Blizzard Scout 1, Luke Seeker, Visage of the emeror, Death Star: Trench
ryflores@juno.com Pepper Darth Vader CA$H & Darth Vader anything not listed <--here
bmerchan@uiuc.edu Damon Trooper Davin Felth
  • check out his page
  • go here <--
    mfagan@starnetinc.com Michael Nien Numb Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Named Star Destroyers, Grand Moff Tarkin, Vader's Light Saber, Obi-Wan's Light Saber Millenium Falcon, Yoda, Commander Luke Skywalker, Reflection, Devestator, Conquest, Victory Class(2) Imperial Class(4) Admiral Ozzel, Admiral Motti, Captain Piett
    mikem@eagle.ptialaska.net Matt Bobba Fett r2-d2, Wedge, Red 2, Main Star Destroyers, Yoda, Han, Lightsabers Son of Skywalker, WB Darth Vader, Bossk, IG-88, Dengar, Zuckuss, Chewbacca, Executor, Cmndr Wedge, R-3po, other assorted rares
    DoubtFan@aol.com Ryan Yoda E-Mail him to find out <--
    umberger@shentel.net Nathan General Veers Commander Luke Skywalker, Our Most Desperate Hour, The First Transport Is Away, Any dark side except Vader & Tarkin Blizzard 1, General Veers, Blizzard Scout 1, Bombing Run, Executor, Tyrant, Grand Moff Tarkin, Vader's Eye
    wangbli@wam.umd.edu Chris Bossk Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, I-TO, Bossk, IG-88, Dengar, Zuckuss, Superlaser, Commence Primary Ignition Death Star, Avenger Black 3, Red 1 Gold 2, Luke's Backpack, Bliazzard Walker
    redkamel2@aol.com Matthew Bib Fortuna Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Bounty Hunter & their ships/weapons, Presence of the Force, Obi-Wan + his lightsaber, & hut, Executor, Boba Fett, Rogue 3 all r1's from premiere, A New Hope, & hoth (except those listed)
    Chewbacca_al@hotmail.com Alex chewbacca Darth Vader (BB Olny) Grand Moff Tarkin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chebacca, *WB* Millenium Falcon, Complete Degobah Set
    jakesh@juno.com Jake Bobba Fett E-Mail me him for have/want lists. Did you read this <-- ?
    mailto:fenberta@pilot.msu.edu Andrew Bobba Fett Go here. <--
    MMCBANE@HOTMAIL.COM Colin UNKNOWN Go here. Check this

    How To Join the Trading Post:

    OK! I'll take your orders! Just E-Mail me with your name, e-mail adress, and have/want lists and you should see your entry soon. In order to make this easier, I would like to set up an E-Mail form. If anyone can send me the code to do this so I can just cut and paste it, It would be greatly appreciated.

    If you're interested in making your own version of the Post, just E-Mail me and i'll be more than happy to help.

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