Hi everyone guess what I moved!!!!! Thats right no more of these nazie comunist annoying as hell popup ads! I moved to xoom which is far superior... the whole damn trhing is over there and then some! This page will stay up untill I get some webring issues sorted out but after that I will be come an anti geocities page... untill they take it down. my new address is at http://members.xoom.com/thekolo/main.html go there and feel the diffrence.

Welcome to my web page now for the first time in many many months there's been an update!!! There is a reason this page has fallen to neglect but I don't feel like going into it. So whats new you ask well check out the new seige tips for skaven page and the Skaven page. The whole Skaven page has been updated so read become wise and conquor. My next project will be fixing up the GorkaMorka page adding a helpful bits of knowlage page among other things come back soon. All the new pages are sporting a new black background with white text style. This is because I'm in some sort of bizzare minimalist mood... just thought you would like to know... besides who wants all thouse pictures fancy fonts and animated buttons anyways.

This is how updates are going to work from now on I'll work on my various pages all week and then I'll upload the changes on Friday. After this I'll start my little news section to tell you wats been updated.

4-12-99 Started news updated main page made changes to pics at the bottom of the page.

4-15-99 Alright it's not Friday but I had a half day of skool so I thought I'd do it today. The Skaven section got some of the info for the doomwheel changed around, I added a buntch to the Dog's of War page and I made some cosmetic changes to all my pages.

4-17-99 My dad came home yesterday with a CD full of niftley Java scrips so I've been trying some out, with varying degrees of sucess. For the next few weeks I'll be putting my Skaven stuff on hold and building a shrine to freakynish. Be shure to check it out.

4-18-99 These are going backwards aren't they oh well I'll fix them latter. I just spent all day on my shrine to freakynish it's pretty much up and running exept of a couple of parts. Well since I worked so hard this weekend on my wonderful shrine I'll be able to do all the Skaven stuff I wanted to. Updates for next week will include navigation buttons, two new freak pages, additions to most of my freak pages, lots of more stuff for Skaven fighting siege battles and spelling correction on my freak pages so untill Friday enjoy! And come back soon because a long life is never garanteed ;->

"You are theth person to see my page"
My Skaven page dedicated to bringing you lots of stats and tip for useing the little devils

Tips for defending and bringing down castles with our furry little freinds the Skaven

Ideas for useing Regiments of Renown in your Skaven armies

My GorkaMorka page

This is my page that I made because I'm a wierd person

Games Workshop they make warhammer and gorkamorka

These guys make the bast damn comics in the whole world

ChronX in an online card game I play if you ever log on I'm known as Dr.Love

They sell clothes really really good clothes

The webpage by the guy who writes Lenor

This is one of the best JTHM pages out there it also has a very active message board so check it out

Member of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Ring

This Circle of the Horned Rat site owned by Some Guy with a webpage.
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