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WARNING, This page has only had minor updates since 1998, even the little "new" logos are on items that old, the page will be updated eventually, when I have more time, Sorry!

Hiya!! Welcome to my webpage.

Just so you know, Andie is short for Andrea, I thought I would explain as I am always getting complaints of being a male posing as a female, and as you can see from the pics of me, this is sooo not true :) My date of Birth is 3/7/77, and I live in Sawbridgeworth, which for those of you who don't know, is in Hertfordshire, which is just north of London, in England. There really isn't much to say about me, and I am none too good at talking about myself, my poems say all you need to know about me. But I am great at chatting back to people, so sign my guestbook, please remember that if you do, please leave an email address, so that I can get back to you, or chat to me on mirc, my nick is Flowergrrl, and can also be found loitering on icq :)

Go visit a webpage by Hedonism Boy, rambling by all in there, many friends of mine helped to add to the content of this amazing site, just go to my links page!!

The most interesting thing about me is that I have had a couple of poems published in varying anthologies, and I am spending some of my time entering more of my poetry into competitions.
Some of my poems have been inspired by my friend Jesse Diss' paintings which are presently being auctioned at VII The Place, London.

What you can find on my pages:
A couple of my poems.
Please sign my guestbook.
Would you like to view my guestbook?
Links to my friends' homepages.
Pictures of me & my friends.
A not quite so flowery approach.
Fae Gifts!
See some of the paintings by my friend Jess.
Visit the homepage of our Irrel mailing list:).
Get in touch and say hi!
My K5 Diary.

Thank-you for visiting my page. Please email me and say 'hi'.

Wow, my page has been seen by people. Thank you for being one of them.

1998 Edens Mount.
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There used to be a couple of TheSiteFights things here, but they expired and i've yet to get around to getting some more. They are cool though, and you should get some yourself :)

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