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There are lots of Cu-SeeMe help pages and lists etc. already available on the Web; you don't need another one from me. Instead, here are my offerings to the world of Cu-SeeMe and to all the people I have met there.

Reading Room
The Reading Room is a collection of articles, stories, poetry, books, and more about the social side of CU. The new articles for October 2000 are:

CU Dream
by WD
CU Addiction
by WD
by PhilosopherX
Visions in the Stone
by Slider
by Andrew Leonard
Conveniences for CU - updated December 2000

the standard stuff like No-Geek, Geek-Talk, FastChat, CUDoodle, CUNnect, etc. and some useful stuff that is not specifically for CU-SeeMe
Lady Xeen's Cu-Seeme Reading List
This is a list of books that helped me enjoy myself on the refs.
Welcome to the CU Community
Answers to the questions I get asked the most, specifically for new CU users that are trying to learn their way around

Links to Others

Sometimes, activities on the reflectors don't let me get to know someone as well as I would like to. When that happens, a web page is another way to get better acquainted. Here are a few that I like to visit.

Russ_UK... The Random Numbers Web Page (1998 version)

Quietguy... An Island of Peace and Quiet

Vickie ... and in reverse: we met through her web page before we met on CU

Sig ... Welcome to Sig's All Encompassing Ever Expanding Web Site

Me... Guestbook and Email

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