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Vincent L. Santucci
NPS Ranger/Paleontologist who has worked at Badlands, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone NP's
Park Paleontology
Interested in paleontology, preservation of fossils found on public lands
22 Jeff Poling Dinosauria On-Line DinoStore, Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology, Omnipedia, Picture Gallery
27 Michael Rusher Dinotreker Paleo-Miniaturist Dioramas of dinosaurs living in their own life-like 3D habitat
125 Sybrand Strauss South African Society for Amateur Palaeontologists Forum for people who are interested in fossils and evolution
40 Tim Roufs Anth 1602 Prehistoric Cultures survey course focusing on origins and development of extinct and living hominids
19 Thom Quinn Evolutionary Theory Mailing List Archives of Evolutionary Theory mailing list
Cambrian Park tell matt wrong page
84 Chris Saetti Chris Saetti's Fossil Gallery Images: fossil specimens of Columbus Ohio and Caesar Creek areas
118 Clayton Livingston Mighty Triceratops HomePage One-stop source for Triceratops Info!
107 greenighs Greenighland's Goddesses Page Goddesses and Earth Mothers
94 John Ahlgren Jompa´s homepage: the trilobite box Trilobites from sweden also 'friends of the Alum Shale'
100 Graeme Caselton Jurassic Cliffs Black Ven and Stonebarrow Hill, Lower Jurassic cliffs of Charmouth, Dorset
jdhexen Jane P. Davidson
Home Page for jdhexen and E.D. Cope home page of E.D Cope's biographer
103 Mike Hausler Science Page Mesozoic Era moving
82 Wendy Walsh Diversity of Life Web Index Collection of resources available for exploring the diversity of life
89 dinosauria Mesozoic Era Still working on setting up the page, so be patient
104 Mineo Shiraishi Jurassic Gallery
20 David Blomstrom/ Geobopological Survey 1st IMPRESSIONS Paleo-library on the Internet
72 Simon Biggs Fossil Collections of the World Fossil links - fossils, collectors, collections, history, sites, taxa, geology, palaeontology
10 New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Dinosaurs in New Mexico Introduction to dinos in New Mexico, Dictionary, Glossary
71 Allison Mackay Allison's PaleoPage Paleo web resources, picture gallery
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7 Don Jordan The Real Indiana Jones Page Anthropology News Briefs
52 Berislav Krzic Beri's dinosaur world vertebrate paleontology mag. by the paleo-life illustrator Berislav Krzic
88 Collecting fossils in California Collecting fossils in California Detailed info for collecting at fossil sites in California
138 Yale Goldman Dead Bugs in Amber Club for lovers of fossils and dead things in amber
Dr. John R. Andeson
DeKalb College, Georgia
World of historical geology Historical Geology: Geology 102 DeKalb College
137 Armando G. Amador Illinois State Academy of Science Links of Interest in Paleontology links of interest in paleontology
37 R. J. Riggins Riggins's Evolution and other essays essays 'hard truths about science', 'do you believe in evolution?', 'genesis', ' Noah's bunnies', 'dinosaurs'
105 Tony Owens ToSofts Dinosaur DataBase Dinosaur Database Fun, educational and easy. try a demo copy
44 Dorothy Hoffman Dead Animal Society Archives of the Dead Animal Society
29 Robert Boscarelli Bosco's RockPile A place to share Dinosaur and Paleontology sites, photos, information and links
12 Philip J. Hughes Telson Spur Snark Hunters page
51 Art Gumbus LITHICS-NET Center of the Web for Information on North American Aborigine Projectile Points and Lithics
129 Dana Geraths Geraths illustration and sculpture sculptures and art prints - specializing in paleontological study and restoration
Jonathan Adams
Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, USA
Global ecosystem maps of the last 20,000 years An atlas of the ice age Earth
32 Donald L. Blanchard Morrison Natural History Museum's Dinosaurs of Colorado Page on every genus of dinosaur found in Colorado
96 Richard Hammond R. Hammond's Paleo-models Paleo art, Burgess Shales, Acanthostega gunnari, reconstructing Procynosuchus delahayi
14 John Catalano World of zoologist Richard Dawkins all about Dawkins
16 Russ Jacobson Dino Russ's Lair Earthnet Server - Dinosaur, Vertebrate Paleontology, info, links
147 Marco Vieira Grupo de Antropogenese - UTAD Brazilian anthropologists (Portugeuse)
13 Per Hansson Per Hansson's Trilobite Gallery links to photos of his best trilobite finds Fossils of Catalonia no paleo ring banner
53 Ron Ecker Evolutionary Tales Evolutionary Tales - on Creation/Evolution
101 Donna Keas 3-D Dinosaur Theater 3-D Jurassic dinosaurs on the internet. uses stereoscopic viewer and color stereographs
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119 Joachim Blau Joachim Blau's Homepage Future will include a database on fossil Crustacean coprolites, Ammonites - Foraminifers - Calpionellids - Alpine Geology
86 Jeffrey S. Harth Thunder Lizards : From Science to Fiction Events, news, links, dino forum, warm vs cold blooded, extinctions, kids section
78 John Rafert Dinosaur Art and Modeling dinosaur art and modeling books
61 MCM CyberMines Paleontology in the Netherlands collection of links
56 Dave Kohls dave's eocene fossils Eocene Green River Formation Fossils
123 John Giacobbe Naked Scientific Archaeology and Co-Ed Physical Anthropology mixture of archaeology, forensic sciences, physical anthropology, mystery literature
90 J M Fabiny Pennsylvania Paleo Page Pennslyvania geology, paleontology, fossils
111 Matthew Backhouse Deinonychus Page A highly inteligent bipedal carnivorous dinousaur
75 Jason Eagle Trilobites Ordovician/Devonian trilobites of Ohio and Canada
97 Garry Platt Amber Home amber collector living in the UK
Bruce Bradley
Bruce Bradley's Web Page Professional archaeologist - Flintknapper
95 RED Productions,Inc. Dinosaur Interactive CDs and Adventure Videos
43 Tim Patterson Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Carleton U. Dept. of Geological Sciences, U. of Ottawa
Peter Hiscock
Dept. Archaeology and Anthropology Australian National University
Archaeology World Archaeology in Australia and the Pacific
41 Rich Leiszler Kansas Fossils Images/descriptions of Kansas fossils from the Pennsylvanian to Pleistocene
50 Phil Bock Bryozoa Home Page Everthing you wanted to know about Bryozoans
35 Dann Pigdon Dann's Dinosaur Reconstructions Detailed info about a dozen dinos with reconstructions
73 Matthew Celeskey owner

Mike Walker maintained

Hairy Museum of Natural History Explores and promotes the fuzzy, tangled mats where science, art and chicanery intertwine
Doug Boyce
Newfoundland and Labrador Dept. of Mines and Energy Geological Survey
Fossils in Newfoundland and Labrador Fossils in Newfoundland and Labrador
62 Wanda Farris Kids Dinosaur Resources Dinos for kids
47 Dan Gallagher Paleobook Art, reviews, excerpts of paleo/archaeo adventures and non-fictions
131 Justin Opabinia and Anomalocaridid Opabinia and the Anomalocaridis are very weird Cambrian arthropods
63 George Williams Gainesville's Creek Fossils Hogtown Creek Fossils, Gainesville, FL
Joshua Knuth's Taxidermy and Sculptures file not found
130 Gil Machado Fossil Page Portuguese and world paleontology
Gary D. Sharp, Ph.D.
Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study, P.O. Box 2223, Monterey, California
Its All About Time A Chronology of Events, Places, Ecological and Societal Impacts
Anth.1101 Human Origins Website no banner
Andrew Lock
Massey U., Palmerston North, New Zealand
Charles Peters
U. of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution Collection of works about human symbolic evolution
143 John Paul JP's Paleontology Site a student of paleontology dinosaur page
67 John Stevenson Evolution and Genetics Mechanisms and processes, based on provable premises, by an engineer
55 Jason Hanna Jason's Indian Artifact and Arrowhead Pages arrowheads, Indian artifacts, archaeology
99 cockroach. Long live cockroach! Webpage from Beyond Dinosaur of the Week, Cockroaches
46 Øyvind Mario Padron ØMP's Dinosaur Pages Complete list of dinos
112 Pat Babcock Jurassic Page Photos of Detroit Zoo's Dinosauria II
9 Mike Pearson Ancient Earth questions about our ancient planet
20 Courtney DINOPHORIA! For Dinosaur lovers! features a dinosaur each month
Saurian Scales (dead?)
132 paleoboy Paleo-Boy's Dino Website Dinosaur Web Pages Geocities
6 Matt Fraser Matt's Paleo Pages Paleo: Award, News, Chat, Forum, Links, Art, PaleoAnthro mailing lists
1 The Paleo Ring Paleo Ring Homepage Ring Homepage
2 Jim Foley Fossil Hominids FAQ (Creationism and Human Evolution) intended to refute creationist claims of no evidence for human evolution. Hosted at archives
3 T. Mike Keesey Dinosaur Webpages Dinosaur groups. clades index, phylogeny, genus list non-dinosaurs, anatomy, skeletons, glossary
24 Norman MacLeod PaleoNet Pages Listservers, www pages and ftp sites for paleontologists
26 Tim Rast Knappers Anonymous Notes, essays and images about flintknapping
Lyall I. Anderson
palaeontologist based at the U. of Aberdeen
Fossil_Surgery Carboniferous Lagerstatten, Xiphosurans (Horseshoe crabs), Rhynie Chert Resource Page
141 webmaster Dinosaur Studio Webpage information center for accurate, science-based dinosaur sculpture, illustration
4 Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins booklist
11 Kevin Brett Kevin's Trilobite Page info, photos, drawings, and anything to do with trilobites
Omega Red Omega Digital: Archives Dinosauria
102 Curtis C. Bentley Paleobiological Fund Study of life's biological processes and patterns throughout earth's history
133 webmaster Pomoerium Anthropology links
136 Primordial Soup Welcome to Primordial Soup educational fundraising company for both schools and non-profit organizations
114 Dino Nieuws Dino news in Dutch?
81 Mike Everhart Oceans of Kansas Paleontology Fossils from the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Sea
115 Paul de Nooijer In Search of Eden Dedicated to the search for our ancestors (english/dutch)
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69 Steve Trussel Prehistoric Fiction All about novels set in prehistory
Johnathan Campbell
Fossil preparator for the N. Dakota Geological Survey, State Fossil Collection
North Dakota Paleontology Paleontology, fossils, dinosaurs, fossil plants, in North Dakota
109 Dave Friend Prehistorics Illustrated Dino pics, news and links
58 Wiccart Wiccart's webpage for dinosaur sculpture Fine scale models of Dinosaur skull restorations
38 Owen Davis Palynology at The U. of Arizona deals with microscopic, decay-resistant remains of certain plants and animals
140 Simon Hensby (Grey Olltwit) Grey Olltwit's UK fossil sites educational site (hopefully) about fossils to be found in the UK
65 Enchanted Learning Software Zoom Dinosaurs All about dinosaurs! The 'Terrifying Lizards'
42 Michael Miller Michael's Home Page Stone tools
15 V. and K.Morgan Granger Papers Project Collection of personal expedition diaries, letters, photos and memorabilia from paleontologist Walter Granger
80 PAST P.A.ST - Prehistoric Animal STructures Specializing in skeleton mounting for exhibition and museum display
34 Shane Leuck Gateway Country Fossil Page Fossils in the late Cretaceous formations of SE Alberta
31 Edward Summer Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette Dinosaur Website and free E-Zine
79 Prehistoric Products Company Prehistoric Products Precise, scientifically accurate, replicas of museum quality fossils
64 Greg Livaudais Greg's Fossil Page Little Stave Creek, Mosasaur dig, Triceratops dig
127 Andy Farke The Torosaurus Home Page Torosaurus is really one of the most interesting dinosaurs
83 Jack D. Mount Paleontology Resources Links to clubs, books, collections, colleges, dinosaurs, etc
85 Scott Smith Dinoman's Domain Collection of dino links geocities
30 Alberta Palaeontological Society Alberta Palaeontological Society Non-profit organization, established in 1986

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