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Mail/ISP problems resolved
New page Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
'Latest Info' page has become 'Latest News and Links'. All new links are here!
Added some maplinks
December 27 1997
Temporary ISP and mail problems (not geocities fault)
December 1997
Mega expansion
New Latest Info Page
New Fossil Taxa page
New Paleo Ring Member Page
New Dictionary Page
New Geology Courses Page
New Fossil and Minerals Shop Page
November 1997
Slow expansion
October 1997
New links added
27 September 1997
Europe section started
Mineral section expanded to include 'Rocks' subsection.
14 September 1997
A new Geological Societies and Clubs section added
12 September 1997
A new Mineral section has been added along with a few other new links
10 September 1997
The PARC server is back! Wish these people would make up their minds
The plot position is still incorrect for the PARC maps
I am attempting to resolve this problem.
30 August 1997
The PARC map server has been withdrawn
I am attempting to find a replacement service
Meanwhile the PARC map links will remain
17 August 1997
PARC map server is back
The centre position of the (PARC) Dorset maps, is incorrect.
The current plots are in the sea, but my long/lat's are correct.
Possibly all of the (PARC) maps are wrong.
I am emailing PARC about this.
10 August 1997
The PARC map server is still sick.
Now the USGS map servers seem to be giving trouble.
Hope they sort out the problem soon.
4 August 1997
The PARC map viewer seems to have been offline for the last 3 days.
So some map links will not work. (ie. lots of the new links.)
1 August 1997
The re-organisation is finished, relative stabilty will now return to the site.
Further links will still be added.
Requests, submissions & suggestions accepted, please email simon biggs.
31 July 1997

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