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Welcome to my page!

Hi I'm Becky. I got several aliases, with Beckyg_98,
LilMissAttitude99 and LilMissBeck
being the ones I use the most.. Right now, I am busy and really haven't
had time to do much with this. So, since it is still under con-
struction, you will have to bear with me. *smile*

I like to chat (oh buddy, I am addicted to it). I like playing pool.
I bet this surprises some of ya. Well, SURPRISE. LOL
I like country music, it is my fave, but, I do
listen to other types of music as well....LOL.
I LOVE cats, as if you can't tell and my
cat, well he likes to chat right along with me.
He gets up on the table and bats at my mouse, and sits right in my
face as I type, but I love him to death, and wouldn't
trade him for the world. I like to call him my "chaperone," and some people
know why....hehehehe.

I love this image

Ok, so you wanna know more huh? Well
let's see. This Leo was born in Youngstown
Ohio, in 1978. Now, I don't live in Y-town
anymore, but in another town, about 2 and
1/2 hours south of it. I have
one bro, Jeff AKA Viper308_99 in Yahoo chat
(Click here for his home page), and 2 step bros.
I have numerous online siblings, but my fave
is Brian, AKA Roper23_74 (one of his numerous names in chat), and I
can't forget my online mama...Jo AKA ACountryVixen.
If it weren't for these two people, my world would be in shattered
pieces, cause they have helped me through good
times AND bad times. I love you guys!!!

I love this image

You can email me at Beckyg_98@yahoo.com
Please come back soon and visit me.

Aww ain't this purty?

My Senior Pic

My senior pic

Awww ain't this purty?

I See You

Wedding Cake Pictures
(The only link for the page)
Pics of me
The Dogs
My Treasures
Links of all sorts
My Friends'Pics
My Friends'Pics2
My Friends'Pics3
My Friends'Pics4
My Poems

Animated Cat

My First Award
This is my first award, given to me
by Mama aka Jo aka A Country Vixen

OK, here is something kewl I discovered from a friend
of mine, whose I signed. Go check mine out:

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