Isle of the Fairies

Imagine yourself waking up from a long night's sleep. You open your eyes and to your surprise, instead of finding the familiar bedroom that you know, you see yourself surrounded by the rich blue-green of the sea! You are lieing on your back on a golden, sunny, beach. You look up just as a butterfly passes by...

You slowly get up from the soft sand and the warmth of the water and look around. All you see is the gentleness of the sea and vividly colored trees at the edge of the beach.

You walk along the edge of the sea when all of a sudden, out from the waves pops a beutiful mermaid! Both of you stare at each other for a second until finally she says:

Hello! My name is Lilac! You must be new around here! Can I help you in any way?


You ask about the island

Oh yes, well this island is called the Isle of the Fairies, but other creatures live here as well. There are more mermaids that live here too. Oh, and be sure, before you leave this enchanted land, that you sign your name to the village scrolls!


There are other places to go as well:

The Fairy CottageThe Ancient Caves
The Town HallThe Hall of Links
Hall of FairiesThe Adoption Crossroads
The Portal RoomWin the Isle's Award

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