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  The Bass Pond and Our School of Fish...

   This Hacienda Established: 1 July 1998

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    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Meet the Kidz
    These pages are dedicated to our kids Chelsea, Shawn, Nichole. Who demanded to be seen and heard on the WWW.
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  In the Navy
    These pages will be dedicated to our duty stations, military history and of course our Navy friends who always make the job worth it!
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Relatively Speaking
    These pages will provide information about our relative on the Bass and Perez family tree's.
    I am trying to work on our geneology, so please drop a line if you think your related.
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Deep in the Heart of Texas
    These pages are dedicated to the Rio Grande Valley and Elsa, Texas.
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Cuckoo for Quakers
    This page is dedicated to my new pet "Pepe". A Quaker (Monk) parakeet that just fascinates the heck out of me!.
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Pompous for those Pomeranians!
    Our family loves our dogs, and we feature our pomeranian family members! From the dogs point of view.
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)   Ruth's Recipe Roster
    Here is my recipe's to share with everyone. Yummy potluck and Tex-Mex recipe's.
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Drop a Banner
    Our banner exchange of our friends, guests, visitors and guess what? don't have to be human!
    So come on over, peep in and find some pages to visit and drop your own.  Everyone welcome!
    grnwreath.gif (2464 bytes)  Music to My Ears
             This is my Music Midi index in case you are wondering what music you are listening to. 
              If your not hearing music, then you are missing a wonderful experience.          
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    U.S. Navy!

    Cryptologic Technician

    CTO1 Ruth Bass & CTRC Joseph Bass

    Naval Security Group Sabana Seca

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    Biographical Information

    23 May 1962
    Ruth Perez born at Harbor Beach, Michigan
    14 September 1961
    Joseph Bass born at Greenville, South Carolina
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