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Hi, y'all.  Nice of ya to drop in.  Sit a spell.  We'll be showin' ya the critters, friends, farm & family, so enjoy yersef, we'll talk more on the way...
"Guitars & Cadillacs"

The Farm The Farm Cowpokez Cowpokez
Papa Studs Papa Studs Mama Mares Mama Mares
Babies O'Course Babies O'Course Gallopin' Geldings Gallopin' Geldings
Mr. Okie Pokey Mo Mr. Okie Pokey Mo Kasie Jane Kasie Jane
Dudley Dude'Le Rite Dudley Dude'Le Rite Sam & Pals Sam & Pals
Kowboy Kitties Kowboy Kitties Echo Echo
C.J. Rooter Pooter C.J. Rooter Pooter Mac Gen. MacArthur McPott
B ~ Paints B~Paints Lookit'What We Won Lookit' What We Won
Wanna Win Ours Wanna Win Ours? Links to our Pards Links to our Pards
Trainer Extroirdinaire Trainer Extroirdinaire Ifin it cin be Saddled.... Ifin it cin be Saddled....
Web Rings Web Rings Coming Soon Coming Soon!
 "When ya git to where you're goin', the first thing ya do is take care of the horse ya rode in on"

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