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      Ladygoons and gentlevamps, happy 2001 and happy 1-year anniversary to the Keep!  I'm so sorry your master has been away for these last few months, but he has been sealed in the dread coffin known as life's messed up shit.  To celebrate this long awaited opportunity to update, the site has basically been reincarnated, yet again.  Also, welcome the addition of my forum, the Clock Tower of Doom, where all the CV extremists can hang out and chat.  I do have one bit of bad news regarding Resurrection, but two other bits of good news related to Castlevania.  First is Circle of the Moon on Game Boy Advance.  It's awesome and looks and plays like one of the X games (Rondo, Dracula X, SOTN) and has brand spanking new characters, and is slated for a late spring/early summer release in the States!  Second is the port of Akumajo Dracula X68000 to the PlayStation.  It too is slated for a late spring/early summer release, in Japan.  No word yet on a stateside release.  I'll try to keep you posted on these latest developments, but your master may be disappearing from the internet for a while since his fucked up hard drive needs to be replaced.  I'll see you around.  This is what's gone down here lately:
  • Switched background music from Tragic Prince to Thrashard in the Cave from CV X68000.
  • Basically changed everything about this site's design.  New font, new text color scheme, new title logo, new site background, new frame design, new arches for the page tops, got rid of those butt-ugly thorns and replaced them with bright beautiful flames, for my page dividers.  Also made up those bobbing medusas for my central animated pic and my own version of the bloodbar, the pinkish-purple oozebar to underline my header text.
  • Added new music tracks for CV X68000, Belmont's Revenge, Dracula X, CV 64, and LOD.  I also decided to bundle the Circle of Blood and Dracula X tracks together, and bundle the Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness tracks together, since the music's mostly the same between both pairs of games.
  • Eliminated Arsenal, Enemies, Bosses, and Screens pages altogether.  Too many duplicate links, too godamn hard to get around with them.  I'd also like some disk space back. I moved all related files into level 2 subdirectories within Video Games.  All the files are now grouped solely by game in each game's own subdirectory.
  • Did a little modification on Links.  No new ones yet, though.
  • Climb through my high Clock Tower of Doom forum now to discuss anything Castlevania.
  • Say hello to my mistress/tour guide Camilla.  She's a beaute, isn't she!  Well, me and this sweetheart have a lot in common.  We both enjoy drinking blood (of course all vampires do), playing around with deadly swords, tossing people onto beds of spikes, and of course slow, painful death by impalement.  Oh, and she, like myself, is nuts about Castlevania.  So she'll guide you through all my pages, so you don't get lost.  You can try to put the moves on her if you want, but in case you haven't noticed, she has a huge sword and bites!  Anyways, Camilla will always be at your side, so have fun!
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