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Welcome to the Kurdziel family homepage dedicated to the sport of letterboxing.  Letterboxing is an intriguing combination of treasure hunt, hiking and orienteering.  It gives our family an excuse to try out new areas for hiking while in pursuit of new stamps for our journals.  In addition, it provides us with a creative outlet for trying stamp carving and sharing our favorite spots with others.

For more detailed information on how to get involved in letterboxing and a listing of all the published letterbox clues check out, the Letterboxing North America website.  There is also a yahoogroups talklist with up to date information and conservations about the world of letterboxing. 

"Only thoughts reached by walking have value." Friedrich Nietsche

Now for our boxes...

Magic Tree House Series -  These letterboxes are loosely based on the series of chapter books by Mary Pope Osborne.  If you have never read them we highly recommend these books for young readers with a sense of adventure.  The author takes her two main characters in the book, Jack and Annie, to exotic places and times, in a Magic Tree House belonging to Morgan Le Fay.

Dinosaurs Before Dark                     The Knight at Dawn                          Mummies in the Morning
(retired 12/01)

Pirates Past Noon (2) - Joint effort with Bob "the RI Wiz" Hopkins, his daughters and our family
(2nd box missing AGAIN - Someone took it to PA and has yet to return it).

Night of the Ninjas                         Afternoon on the Amazon                   Sunset of the Sabertooth  

Midnight on the Moon                       Dolphins at Daybreak                             Epilogue to Dolphins
Ghost Town at Sundown                     Lions at Lunchtime                          Polar Bears Past Bedtime

Vacation Under the Volcano          Day of the Dragon King (4)                     Viking Ships at Sunrise

Hour of the Olympics(3)                    Tonight on the Titanic                      Buffalo Before Breakfast

Tigers at Twilight                             Dingoes at Dinnertime                            Civil War on Sunday

Twister on Tuesday                Earthquake in the Early Morning         Stage Fright on a Summer Night

Good Morning Gorilla                        Christmas in Camelot            
Revolutionary War on Wednesday

More Letterboxes

The Four Seasons (4) - carved and planted by Alicia, age 8 (badly in need of maintenance)                      
Crossing Over (2)

Frenchtown Park (2)                         Metamorphosis (3)                                       Minimalist (5)
(Second One Missing)                            Retired Aug 04                                             Retired

Mother/Daughter  (2)                          Mother Goose                                          Old San Diego (3)
panic                                             Perfect Summer Day                           The Big Bloom Theory (3)
(Retired)                                               (Retired)
Westerly Woods                              A Monk's Tail                                        Faces of Wickford (4)
                                                   (all 3 reported missing)                                        (Retired)

Mystery Letterboxe

Dingoes at Dinnertime
                         Trish's Twist                                       Let's Twist Again

The Magic Tree House Hitchhik
We created this hitchhiker to transport letterboxers to enchanted places.  It began its journey on 2 Dec 00 at the Lost Lake letterbox at Westwoods.

Rhus Radica
An insidious interloper that seems to make its presence felt at nearly all of our boxes (and others' as well). Both sought after and highly avoided at the same time..

Bubble G
um  (Retired)
Alicia (8 years old) carved this sticky little wanderer after reading that gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe travels an average of 1.5 miles before coming off

Take a look at our border.  Remember when hiking in New England - leaves of three, leave them be...  Hopefully that won't refer to our website.

For further information on letterboxing in North America check out the LBNA website.

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