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Last Updated February 23, 2000

Ketchup's Homepage
Ketchup's Page

Ketchup, one of my best friends, is going through major upheavals on her site, soon. : ) So be on the lookout for something cool from her!

Danielle's Homepage
Danielle's page

Danielle's old page - I can't find her new addy (oops...I'll put it up soon) Read her stories and the Psychadelic Pussycat Swinger's Club : ) You can also see Foothell by accessing her homepage, or use the link above.

David's Homepages
David's page (see below)

 My friend's page - newly java scripted with cool effects! Check out his homage to the Smashing Pumpkins and the X-Files - and his second site.

KiwiLime's Homepage
KiwiLime's page

This is KiwiLime's page (dont' ask about the name; I've no clue where she got it...), and since she's just starting out, there's not really a lot on it. Go there, and learn more about ECK (Environmentally Concerned Kids) and some movie reviews.

Andrew's Homepage
Andrew's page

Since Andrew is moving to Utah, and his page has just been created, updates will be soon. Suffice it to say, he has some information on Utah and links to some of our other friends' pages.

The True Meaning of Peace
JetCjr6 Homepage

The homepage of JetCjr6, a Voyager "webring" group I belong to. Some great spoilers and a fanfic archive.

The Official J/C Archive
JetC Forever!

The home of the Official JetC Archives (which I finally added all my stories to...)

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