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Season Five

In the Flesh aired 11/4/98

Once Upon A Time aired 11/11/98

Timeless aired 11/18/98

Infinite Regress aired 11/25/98

Nothing Human aired 12/2/98

Thirty Days aired 12/9/98

Counterpoint aired 12/16/98

Latent Image aired 1/20/99

Bride of Chaotica aired 1/27/99

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Bride of Chaotica aired 1/27/99

Once again on the holodeck, Harry and Tom are watching the preview for their Captain Proton adventure, Chaptaer 18. They are going after Chaotica, who thretens to sacrifice Captain Proton's secretary, Constance Goodheart, to Aracnia, Queen n the Spider people. Their ship crashlands on Planet X, which bears a remarkable resemblance to the mines of Mercury.

Suddenly, a brightly colored rift opens up, and Tom and Harry are trapped on the holodeck. With a site-to-site transport, they escape. They find Voyager is caught in a subspace band.

Meanwhile, a pair of beings emerge from the rifts in the holodeck. Chaotaica's guards capture them, and Chaotica kills them. He declares war on 'the fifth dimension."

As hard as they try, Voyager will not come loose. Tom returns with Tuvok to the Holodeck after photonic bursts are detected. They discover all-out chaos: bodies litter the ground, and Constance Goodheart is dead. The damaged robot leads them to the rifts,a nd back to Cpatian proton's rocketship. Another being from subspace emerges, claimng that the carbon-based lifeforms do not exist. He is photonic, so everything on the Holodeck seems real because the illusions are photonic energy. Thus holographic weapons have killed many photonic beings already.

Tom concludes that they have to win the battle for the subspace beings, and they will go away. But Chaotica won't stop until Queen Aracnia appears. At first Kathryn makes light of the idea, but realizes she is to be Aracnia.

The Doctor summons one of the beings, claiming to be President of Earth. As a photonic being, he appears to be real. He convinces the beings to stop firing until Captain Proton breaches Chaotica's fortress of doom.

At long last, Aracnia (Kathryn in a ridiculously funny costume and highborn mannerisms) makes her way into Chaotica's throne room. There she hides the bottle of enchanting pheromones in her sleeve. She stops the guard from using the death ray on Captain Proton, but is trapped in the confinement rings.

Restrained, she opens the pheromones, causing a guard to drift over. He frees her, and she steals his weapon. She fires on the other guard, then watches as Chaotica takes the energy feedback from the death ray after lowering the lightning shield so that Captain Proton can pass through.

Captain Proton bursts in, but all is under control. Chaotica's last words are that even death can't stop him.


"If all else fails, you can just uncork your pheromones."
-Tom to Kathryn about enchanting Chaotica

"I was about to say 'Captain Proton to the rescue!'"
-Tom to Kathryn after he finds Chaotica dead

Latent Image aired 1/20/99

The Doctor is playing with his latest toy, a holographic imaging scanner, which can take pictures of the body structure. He has added it to the yearly physical, although a finicky Captain Janeway is doing her best to avoid her physical. As usual.

Anyway, the Doctor calls Harry in to help him, and shows him a picture of himself. Then he discovers scar tissue at the base of the skull, from a neurosurgey operation he performed eighteen months ago. One he doesn't remember.

Seven helps the Doctor reconstruct partially deleted images from his camera, and in them appears a young ensign Jetal. The images show her birthday, Jetal and Harry on a shuttlecraft, and a strange invader with an unknown weapon.

Presenting these facts to Kathryn, the Doctor surmises there is an intruder on board. She assures him there will be a full security sweep, and to go back into the computer core to be safe. He complies, but in a fit of slight paranoia, orders the computer to save all of his memories from the past forty-eight hours, and to restore them if he is tampered with. Then the Doctor sets up his holographic camera, telling it to take pictures at five minute intervals if anyone enters the room.

Sure enough, some time later, the doors slide open. We see no reflection in the glass, and the intruder deletes the files and leaves. The Doctor rematerializes, and reconstructs an image of the intruder. Kathryn Janeway.

Angrily, he confronts her, demanding to know whay everyon is conspiracizing (ooh, big word!) against him. In her reay room, Kathryn explains the files were deleted for his own good. Something did happen eighteen months ago, something she won't let him relive. Ordering him back to Sickbay, she tells him that they must rewrite his program.

At two a.m., Seven of Nine enters Kathryn's quarters. She claims to be needing some explanation as to what right they have to take away the Doctor's individuality. Kathryn tries to say that the Doctor is merely a machine in some ways, but Seven refuses to believe this. She asks if something like this were ever to happen to her, would Kathryn have done the same?

Speaking with Seven yet again, Kathryn asks if Seven would choose to go back to the Borg after she pulled the plug. Seven replies that no, she wouldn't. Kathryn decides to give the memories back to the Doctor. They start.

The senior staff is crouching behind the counter in the Mess Hall. Neelix enters with Ensign Ani Jetal; it is her surprise birthday party. Chakotay invites the Doctor on a mission with Harry and Jetal.

On that mission, a starnge intruder on the shuttlecraft grievously wounds her and Harry with an unknown energy weapon. The Doctor brings them back to Sickbay, and confirms the worst to Tom.

The weapon left a residual trace of energy that is slowly dissolving the victim's spinal cords, working its way up to the brain. The Doctor's only hope is to isolate the brain stem with surgery, but he has only time to do one patient's, and cannot guide Tom. He makes a choice, choosing Harry. Able to heal Harry's wound, he almost breathes a sigh of relief when it begins. A loud beeping signals the end to Ani Jetal.

In his mind's eye, the Doctor plays back memories of her funeral, the ensuing grief that it is indeed his fault. Seemingly okay, he suddenly loses it in the Mess Hall, blaming himself for her death.

Coming back to the present, the Doctor begins again to deal with the guilt of his chice. Kathryn deactivates him.

Two weeks later, the Doctor is in the Holodeck, accompanied for twenty-four hours by a crewmember. Kathyn has been with him for sixteen hours, reading a book of poetry about new life. He is rambling on and on about there was nothing he could do to save her and how it was all decided billions of years ago when life first came about and why it is his fault he made a choice and chose to let her die and he killed her but why can't he stop feeling this way...Kathryn is asleep.

Waking her, he finds she has a fever, and tells her to get some sleep; he'll still be there in the morning.


"Will it hurt?"
-Naomi Wildman to the Doctor

"There is a time and place to discuss philosophy; two a.m. in my quarters is not it."
-Kathryn to Seven about individuality

"He has more in common with that replicator than woith any of us."
-Kathryn to Seven

"I am still part Borg. That makes me not unlike your replicator. I wonder, would you ever abandon me?"
-Seven to Kathryn

Counterpoint aired 12/16/98

WARNING If you are a JetC fan, you may want to skip parts of this review. Please don't take it out on me; I hate it as much as you do...

As it begins, a Devora patrol ship stops Voyager, and orders them away from their consoles. They are checking the ship for telepaths, which are considered 'cargo' here. In Kathryn's readyroom sits Inspector Rashik, playing one of her classical scores.

Having found no trace of telepaths, they leave. But not before Rashik demands to know why Kathyrn failed to mention Tuvok, Vorik, Suder, and one more crewman as telepaths. According to fact, Suder was killed by the Kazon, and according to Kathryn, Tuvok, Vorik, and the last crewman were killed in a shuttle accident. Satisfied, or at least seemingly so, Rashik marches out.

Once he leaves, Kathryn orders Seven to begin transport. In the Cargo Bay, three crewmen, including Tuvok and Vorik, materialize. Along with about fifteen telepathic refugees they are transporting through a wormhole to free space. All were held in transporter stasis to protect their lives, but transporter stasis causes cumulative cell damage.

Suddenly, a Devora ship appears in front of Voyager, shields down and weapons offline. It is Rashik, who has apparently deserted his post, wanting to help Kathryn. He says that they have known about the telepathic refugees, and Voyager will soon be stopped and impounded, unless they can find the wormhole.

They consult a rather paranoid alien, one who has an inflating sac on his nose. In the Mess Hall, Kathryn and Rashik figure out that the random appearances of the wormhole are related to each location's counterpoint. Rashik mentions that the nebula is very beautiful there, and Kathryn compares it to the aurora borealis. He claims the company adds to its beauty. Readiy to retire for the night, Rashik invites her in to his quarters, but she refuses. Thank the higher powers...

Two patrol ships approach, and Rashik says the only way he can save Voyager is to return to them. As they stand in the shuttlebay, HE PULLS HER IN FOR A KISS. And to make matters worse, she STEPS CLOSE AGAIN, AND GOES IN FOR A SECOND ONE. A LONG KISS!!!! (JetC fans, calm down a bit.)

Anyways, over the mass hysteria, he calls her back into her own readyroom, and says his men don't suspect a thing. She says she's located the wormhole, just off their bow. Immediately, Rashik tells his men, and Kathryn knows he was a two-faced liar all along. Ok, ok, he just lied to her about his true intentions.

Next, he tries to fire on the wormhole. He orders his second-in-command to rematerialize the crewmembers and refugees in the Cargo Bay. To their chagrin, barrels of vegetables materialize, and the 'wormhole' is a fake signal. Two shuttles are gone, carrying the refugees through the true wormhole, and on to freedom.

In an attempt to save face, Rashik decrees that none of his men should ever mention this incident. He leaves Kathryn on the empty Bridge, fuming over her double-cross. (Thank goodness!)


"Once we're on the other side of the wormhole, we'll wait for you as long as we can."
-Kathryn to Rashik, right before HE GRABS HER FACE, AND THEY KISS.

"I was ready to keep you with us like I said, if you had kept up your end of the bargain."
"It was a tempting offer."
-Kathryn to Rashik, about her offer to take him onto Voayger after they go through the wormhole. (Thank goodness he was a foul liar, and she double-crossed him. Too bad he didn't die.)

-Rashik to Kathryn. That isn't right; only Chakotay can use her name...

Thirty Days aired 12/9/98

In the beginning, Kathryn demotes Paris to ensign and sentences him to thirty days solitary this a dream, an alternate reality, or a seriously screwed reality?

Ok, ok, before you take out your phasers on me, listen. Neelix brings him a PADD, and he starts recollecting the events, while recording a letter to his father, Admiral Paris.

As it turns out, in the beginning, he's Captain Proton, fighting agaist the evil Demonica. Demonica and her sister are actually Megan and Jenny Delaney, the latter of whom Harry has a crush on. They are interrupted by Kathryn calling a meeting.

Voyager has come upon a huge ocean in space. Yes, good old H20 held together by a containment field. They are met by a Consul, who has little on his mind save hs political carrer.

Enter the problem: in five years, they will lose total containment of the ocean. Kathryn sends Tom, Harry, Seven, and a scientist, Rega, on the modified Delta Flier into the depths of the ocean. Descending humdreds of meters, they find an ancient field generator and containment piece. And a huge electric-shooting sea creature.

After stabilizing containment, they return to Voyager and make their report. The mining operations Rega's people are conducting on the ocean, created by an ancient species who sucked the water from a planet, are destroying thhe ocean. But the Consul won't listen, is only caring for his political career, and will probably sidestep the issue.

The Prime Directive forbids interfering, but Tom and Rega go down again to destroy the harvesting stations. When ordered to return, Tom tells Kathryn this is what he knows is right, but his torpedo is deflected.

Kathryn says she understands where he is coming from, but he has broken the chain of command. Thus she comes down hard on Tom, whose only crime was doing what he knew was best for an oceanic world, and ocean he has dreamed of ever since he was a child.

But, I mean, Kirk broke the Prime Directive and disobeyed more times than I can count! And how many times was he reprimanded, demoted? Once. Tom hasn't disobeyed orders or broken the Prime Directive before, as far as I know. Cheap, wrong. The Powers That Be bite.


"Bring me the brain probe!"grand sweeping gesture
"The brain probe?"
"The brain probe, you insolent fool!" points to the instrument
-Megan to Jenny Delaney as Demonica in the Captain Proton adventure

"First it was a Borg, now you've fallen for the wrong twin!"
-Tom to Harry in the turbolift

"They're identical!"
"No, they're not. Jenny has a dimple on her cheek."
"What about Megan?"
"No dimple."
Tom and Harry also in the turbolift

"Thomas Eugene Paris, you are guilty of insubordination and disobeying a direct order from a superior officer. I hereby sentence you to be reduced to the rank of ensign and sentence you to thirty days of solitary confinement. Take Ensign Paris to the brig."
"I know the way." look in eyes is hard to read, acceptance but indignation
-Kathryn to Paris, though he didn't deserve it

Nothing Human aired 12/2/98

The Doctor is presenting his holographic essay to members of the Voyager crew, apparently detailing his heroic exploits, and some embarrassing moments for the crew, like B'Elanna Torres with her foot stuck in a plasma injector. On the Bridge, Harry Kim wants to know if they should rescue the crew; Chakotay says they had the pleasure of spending two hours in there with the Doctor; why deprive the others? : )

Once back on the Bridge, Kathryn is told of a shock wave following the ship; it buffets them but does no real harm. There is a communications download, which sounds like a series of high-pitched squeaks and whines. The ion trail leads them to a badly damaged ship, and they beam its one, non-humanoid member aboard.

Seven surmises it uses biochemical means to run th ship, as it resembles more a brightly colored, oversized scorpion than anything else. Suddenly, it leaps through the forcefield and attaches itself to B'Elanna.

Harry can't beam it off without killing B'Elanna, as it has integrated itself into her autonomic functions; heart, lungs, and kidneys. The Doctor and Harry create an interactive program on exobiology, based on a Cardassian exobiologist, Doctor Krell Mosett.

Doctor Mosett, or Krell as his friends call him, examines B'Elanna and the creature. He doesn't seem to be the typical arrogant Cardassian, but a likable and easy-to-get-along-with person. He recreated his laboratory, and begins to run tests on a holographic simulation of the creature.

However, Krell's methods and tools are a bit unorthodox; metal scalpels and dissection. It soon comes into light from a Bajoran engineer, that Krell is indeed not like other Cardassians. He murdered the crewman's grandfather and brother to find the cure for the Phostosa virus.

At first, the Doctor believes this only to be rumors and stereotypes, but research proves it to be true. With time running out, B'Elanna refuses to let Krell anywhere near her. The moral dilemma is faced: save B'Elanna's life and use Krell's inhumane methods, or let the Doctor try on his own. Tom Paris blows up in Chakotay's face over the issue, an Kathryn says to let Krell help; any responsibility will be hers.

As the surgery commences, Kathryn receives the answer to the message she resont out- the one carried in the shock wave. It is another alien vessel, and it grabs Voyager in a energy-sapping tractor beam. Reluctant to kill the creature, the Doctor takes over and succeeds in shocking the neural pathways of the creature to make it withdraw the tentacles, then healing it.

They beam it back to the alien shipo, which withdraws. Finally, B'Elanna is back on her feet, but with no little anger towards Kathryn, who finds her in her quarters. Incense, a mixture of relaxation and cleansing of demons inhibits the room, and Kathryn decides there are still demons to purge.

The Doctor is left with the task of informing Krell that his program will be deleted, all traces of his work expunged frrm the computer. Krell tries everything he know to stop him, but the Doctor is sound. He used the knowledge once, to save B'Elanna's life, but to use it again would be against all moral judgement. With unwavering conviction, he deletes Krell Mosett's work, with out a second thought to Krell's protestations that they aren't so different.


"Commander, it's 2100 hours, nothing new to report."
"Thank you."
"Commander, it's 2100 hours." slightly more insistent
"I'm aware of that."
"They've been in there for more than an hour. The Captain said to rescue them after half and hour."
"Harry, we had the pleasure of being in there for two hours. Why deprive the rest of the crew the same opportunity?
-Harry to Chakotay on the Bridge while Kathryn, Tuvok, Tom, B'Elanna, and other crew members are listening to the Doctor's holographic essay

"Whatever happened to Yellow Alert after half an hour? It sounds like Chakotay disobeyed a direct order."
"Defintely grounds for a court-martial."
-Tom and Kathryn after the Doctor's holographic essay

-Kathryn as she breaks up Tom and Chakotay's argument by stepping in between them and tapping both on the chest very sharply to get their attention

"I guess there are still demons to expel."
-Kathryn to B'Elanna in her quarters after the operation

Infinite Regress aired 11/25/98

Seven of Nine ends her regeneration cycle and leaves the cargo bay, seemingly taking pains to go undetected. Her objective: the Mess Hall; when she gets there, she rages around, throwing things on the floor. At last, she comes upon some sort of unidentifiable meat and savagely tears into it. The reflection in a panel shows her as a gray-haired Klingon warrior.

In the morning, Harry gives a briefing on a debris field they have encountered. Seven affirms it as the remains of a Borg ship, and hastens to say that there is no way to decipher what caused its destruction, save to get close and scan it. Janeway immediately orders Chakotay to detour around it, momentarily gripping his arm.

Meanwhile, little Naomi Wildman is following Seven around, taking notes on her behavior. Suddenly, as Seven confronts naomi, she begins to hear 'voices.' All at once, her demeanor changes to that of a playful child. They run to Naomi's quarters, and begin to play a game that involves placing red and green shapes on a large board.

An hour and a half later, Seven's personality resurfaces as B'Elanna summons her to Engineering. Upon arriving there and discovering that something in the passed debris field may be causing her unwellness. Suddenly, the voices coe again, and she takes on the persona of a Klingon male, the son of Kovak. He (she?) demands to know B'Elanna's House and why she is wearing a Starfleet uniform. She bites B'Elanna, initiating a Klingon mating ritual, and flees engineering.

In her mad rush, Seven is cornered by forcefields and turns on a security officer. When Tuvok finds hr huddled in the corner, she is a frightened child named Meryl. Her persona changes again to one of a member of the Vulcan High Command on the way to Sickbay.

The Doctor diagnoses her as having multiple personality syndrome form the individuals that she has assimilated.

they return to the debris field, and discover and intact Borg vinculum, the heart of a cube. Bringing it aboard,it is discovered that it had established a neural interface with Seven because it was infected by a virogen from Species 6339.

Species 6339 gloats over the vinculum and demands it back; they hammer Voyuager with weaponry as Tuvok melds with Seven. Inside her mind, it is a mad rush of shadowed figures as he fights his way to her. Meanwhile, the vinculum is dampened and powered off by B'Elanna.

As the vinculum goes offline, the voices and figures in Seven's mind disappear, and they are once again dormant in her mind. In the end, she gives naomi stacks of PADDs to study, and makes one request. That request is to be instructed in how to play the game she and Naomi had shared while Seven was under Meryl's persona.


"You are Naomi Wildman, subunit of Ensign Samantha Wildman."
-Seven of Nine to Naomi Wildman

"Your blood is sweet; you will make a good mate!"
-Seven (honest!) to B'Elanna in Engineering, under the influence of the son of Kovak

"Another case of the midnight snacker."
-B'Elanna Torres with extreme sarcasm about the incident in the Mess Hall

"Do not worry. The son of Kovak will not visit us."
"Do I consider this our second date?"
"Consider me your chaperone." Seven sends laser glare at the Doctor
-Seven to B'Elanna as the Doctor cuts in in Engineering.

Timeless aired 11/18/98

As it starts, two men place locator beacons on a frozen iceberg. (no, it's not the Titanic...) The camera pans,a nd you see it's the frozen hull of Voyager. The two men turn out to be Chakotay and Harry Kim, and they enter the frozen ship.

They find crewmembers frozen to death in the corridors, and Captain Janeway herself, sprawled on the floor of the Bridge. It's too late, fifteen years too late to help them, explains Harry as he reactivates the Doctor. They need to break the Temporal Prime Directive, use Borg technology to save ht epast.

Fifteen years ago, celebrations for the new quantum slipstream drive are in full swing. Only Tom and Harry aren't celebrating; they're running tests. They figure if a shuttle navigates the stream ahead of Voyager, they can feed back neccessary corrections to keep the ship from blowing up.

Kathryn and Chakotay have a candlilight dinner...AND SHE TOUCHES HIS FACE with her hand in affection!

Meanwhile, in the future, Chakotay and Harry are fugitives from the Federation. Harry has to figure out how to send the right corrections to Seven, moments befor the ship is blown up. Captain La Forge of the U.S.S. Challenger is hot in pursuit, intending to save fifteen years of history that happened because Harry made one mistake.

And for fifteen years, Harry has blamed himself for the 150 deaths aboard Voyager. Now is his chance for redemption.

Voyager is pulled out of the slipstream in time to avert the icy death that would've been their fate.


"Any dinner plans, Commander?"
"None, just a date with the replicator."
"Cancel it. That's an order."
-Kathryn to Chakotay in the corridor.

"I thought you called me here for a briefing on tomorrow's plans."
"That's no reason to cancel our dinner plans."
-Kathryn to Chakotay in her quarters as she's pouring the champagne.

"Are you ready to try my homecooking?"
"I'll alert Sickbay."
(at least I think it's that way...)-Kathryn to Chakotay as she TOUCHES HIS FACE!!

Once Upon A Time aired 11/11/98

The Delta Flyer crashes on a planet, wiht a crew of Tuvok, Tom Paris, and Samantha Wildman. Sam is hurt badly; she has a concussion and internal bleeding, and all she can think of is what will happen to Naomi.

Meanwhile, aboard Voyager, Neelix is determined to keep Naomi occupied. He doesn't want her to feel the grief he felt when his family was killed in the Metreon Cascade. Eventually, Naomi goes into her storybook program and must save one of the characters.

Naomi realizes everyone has been deceiving her, and demands to know the truth.

On the Delta Flyer, air is running low, and its crew record farewell messages. Chakotay and B'Elanna cut through the debris pinning them, just before a plasma (or was it ion?) storm hits the planet.

All is well, and Naomi and Sam return to the Holodeck for childhood adventures.


"My daughter has been without a father for three years. But I believe that I communicated my morals to her before I left, and I trust the people around her to take care of her."
-Tuvok to Samantha Wildman on the Delta Flyer

Where's Flotter(sp?)?
-Naomi Wildman to Neelix

"Samantha, you're back! It's been so long; you're all grown up!"
-Flotter to Samantha Wildman

In the Flesh aired 11/4/98

In this episode, Chakotay and Tuvok beam down to a 'recreation simulation' belonging to Species 8472. They find a perfect replica of Starfleet Academy and the surrounding San Francisco, including the gardener, Boothby.

At first, they don't realize it is Species 8472, not until Chakotay sets up a date with 'Commander Valerie Archer.' He and Tuvok also beam back with a supposed Ensign, who commits suicide, therefore allowing the Doctor to rearrange his structure, thus revealing him as an impostor. As Janeway prepares photon torpedoes filled with Borg nanoprobes.

Valerie kisses Chakotay, all the while unsure whether he is of her species. Analyzing his DNA confirms her suspicions; she contacts Boothby with the news.

To make a long episode short, they work out peace by exchanging technological information. As it turns out, Species 8472 thinks the Federation is preparing for an invasion, but Janeway convinces them differently.


"Do it, but be careful Chakotay."
-Janeway to Chakotay

"Be back by midnight." (grins)
"Yes ma'am"
-Janeway and Chakotay in Sickbay<

-Chakotay to Janeway in Astrometrics.

"Isn't it customary to kiss goodbye?"
"I've never done this before, either."
-Valerie Archer to Chakotay outside her apartment

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