1. Paramount and Viacom own the concept of Star Trek, and I am just borrowing the characters for my fanfic. Any picture, trademarks, etc., are their property, and I am in no way using them for profit or claiming ownership. Also, the songs I include aren't mine unless so noted.(see specififcs below)
    a. Characters
    The characters shown on Voyager (Janeway, Chakotay, Kim, Paris, Torres, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Tuvok, the Doctor, Sam Wildman, etc...) belong to Paramount. However, any characters I created, such as Merissa D'Rata, Jo Verada, and Tarita Kris are mine.
    b. Songs/Poems
    All of the song lyrics I have included in my stories that are not mine are so credited to the writer / singer to the best of my knowledge. If I have forgotten to / mistakenly credited lyrics, please let me know. The other poetry that has been included is by me.
    c. Similarity
    Ok...with so many Voyager fanfics floating around out there, there are bound to be similarities between my stories and those written by other people. I mean, there are only so many plotlines, and 'stuck in the turbolift,' etc. are very popular stories. So, if you think one of my stories bears resemblance to someone else's, please don't go on a Klingon blood-feud! My stories that were inspired by someone else are as credited, but drop me a private e-mail if something is wrong. I've just had a bad experience with someone getting mad at me because they thought I used their storyline, and I don't want to go through it all over again.
    d. One Final Note...
    However, the contents and plotlines of my Voyager stories are completely my own, or are as otherwise credited. No one may post my stories or use their content without my express permission. It may sound a bit paranoid, but I don't want someone coming along and ripping off any of my stories, and I'm sure most everyone out there can understand that.
  2. Aston Hotels and Resorts own the hula dancer image on my hula.html page. It links back to their sites, and I claim no ownership on it either. I just loved the graphic, so I hope that it's ok. If it's not, I will gladly take it off, but as I said before, it belongs to Aston.
  3. The other Hawaiian images on them are linked through the ipu back to Pattie's Free Hawaiian Graphics site, and I thank her for their use.
  4. The tiara graphic in Homecoming Queen is from Bridal Creations.
  5. The title graphic on my main page, some banners, and the background on my debate page (and some other pages too) was created by me at zy.com.

  6. The rest of the pics and backgrounds either came free from Geocities, Xoom, one of my computerized clipart libraries, www.arttoday.com, or one of the other sites linked to below.

    Free Animated Clipart

My apologies to anyone if I have claimed their work as someone elses. Please let me know at wkcheung@juno.com if there are any problem. I am not using any of these graphics for profit, but if any are trademarked / copyrighted, please e-mail me so that I know. No copyright infringement intended.

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