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URL: www.wapdrive.com/timcool/

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InfoWap site now WAP-enabled (8 Aug 2000)

As promised, 3 months after its launch, InfoWap has moved into the wireless cyberspace. The wireless version of the information portal is a WAP-enabled replica of this website. It seeks to provide wireless users insight into WAP. The WAP-enabled site has been developed as an extension of my contribution, to demonstrate that websites can be ported into WML format quite easily. The site would develop into a more useful site in the future with more easy-interfaced pages that are of use to mobile users. The links on the WAP site have also been catered to link other WAP-enabled sites.

Launch of InfoWap site (8 May 2000)

InfoWap has been officially launched today by Timothy Hui, webmaster of the WAP information portal. The information portal is one of the most informative in the market that is non-commercial in nature. This site has been developed as a community contribution to WAP, in recognition of its growing interest and development. The site boasts information about WAP for all kinds of people and links to tools that are useful to WAP development. There is also a vast section on WAP sites and links that have been pooled together for more specific information on WAP.

WAP-enabled site in the pipeline (8 May 2000)

Timothy Hui has also revealed that InfoWap would be made available to the WAP community by the end of next month. This WAP-enabled version would be accessible to all who have WAP devices, and can also be viewed using emulators found from this site.




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