Kali & Kasia are . . . Fun Facts:
Kali makes funny noises when she begs for food.
Kali and Kasia are our beloved babies.  Kali we adopted from Ratbone Rescue on July 4, 2003.  Kasia we got in October of 2003 at 3 months old.
Kasia loves to chew on sticks.  She'll even carry branches double her size.
They love to sleep, sleep and sleep!!
More about my pets:
Kasia loves to get Patches and KC (our cats) riled up by barking at them
Kali loves food and will like anybody that has food.  Kasia loves picking up sticks and chasing tennis balls.  Kali love to cuddle and Kasia has to be in someones presence.  She hates to be alone.  Kasia's birthday is July 7th.  They always want what the other one has.
Kali is a very laid back dog Kasia is very hyper
Likes: Dislikes:
- hiking, esp up in the mountains

- their leash (for walks)

- long naps

- eating

- sticking their heads out the car window

-sleepin in the sun
- going to the vet

- coldness

- loud noises

- when they are left alone


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