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If you are here you have more than likely followed the link from my Yahoo profile.  Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I started this site to add more information than is listed on my Yahoo Profile.  I would like to warn those that are EASILY offended to proceed through this site with caution.  You have been warned.

Click Pop Up Poem for my latest work.  Don't forget to stop by The Serious Stuff section for my various ramblings. 

I have been very busy lately.  I am working very hard to keep up with this site.  I have recently got a job and I have a column to keep up with in a small political magazine.  I will reprint some of those articles in the future.

At times I broadcast the music I am listening to.  If you want to tune in just follow the link.  If the Yahoo thingy says Online, I am probably broadcasting.  If not give me holler and I will.


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