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Welcome to Reflections, these pages are dedicated to beautiful art. Almost any thing reflected in the water takes on a magical aspect, and, we hope to express that idea to the fullest. Some of the pictures here utilize the full image of an art work, others use a selected fragment of the original to create an effect. We are using several sorts of Java applets to create these effects, credit for the designers of the applets will be seen elsewhere on these pages. All of the works of art are believed to be in the public domain, or created by me, please let me know should this not be the case!

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These pages were created for 800x600 screen resolution, and are best viewed in full screen mode. Please take the time to enjoy the music on each page, all of it is original work performed by the composers. By listening to the music through, your enjoyment will be enhanced, and, you'll find the next page loads much more quickly. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit here!

Tom Mallon

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