Welcome to the homepage of Tim Stubbe. As you can see I am a Living Historian and Reenactor. I participate in Living History Reenacting of 19th century americana, 1880's Southwest, Civil War 1860's, Early California 1840's and Mountain Man 1780's to 1840.

Why Living History? Good question...
I guess I am a romantic at heart. The 19th century seems to have that mystical romance that fills the void that the 20th and most likely the 21st centuries... seems to have lost... Second of all, living history allows me to incorporate that romance of the past into my today life.
Third, It caters to the actor in me to portray people from the past even if they are fictional composites of real historical figures.

Fourth, To dispel rumors and myths about the period. Unfortunately a PC(Possibly Correct)History has been handed down in order to slant opinion one way or another. "Living Historians" strive to bring these myths of history to light and let them stand on their own legs, for good or bad.
Fifth, where else can you strap on 4 or 5 pistols, two knives a cavalry carbine or shotgun and walk around with no one questioning you?

In real life I'm a Senior Analyst for Pacific Bell (SBC), been there 35 years. I live in Alta Loma California about 45 miles east of Los Angeles.
I receintly got married May 10th 2003 and it was a grand affair. If you care to follow the links below, you will see more of the reenactment life I live and some good sites to go to for information on living History reenacting.
You will soon see this site start to change. It will become a beginner's guide to living history reenacting. I hope it will help those who are looking to get involved in the hobby. The how's, where's and when's. I hope you will enjoy the changes as much as I am making them..

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