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Let me tell you a bit about my books...

My first published novel, Spirit of Love, was released on Valentine's Day, 2001. Seeing as it's a romance, I thought it was a fitting day to make it available to the world.

My newest novel, Cricket and the Cowboy, was just recently released by my publisher. Again, it's a sweet romance, filled with wonderful characters who are somewhat afraid of, but anxious for, love.

I hope you enjoy them. And if so, please tell your friends.

Sue Crawford

Cricket and the Cowboy
by Sue Crawford

Now available from Electric eBook Publishing

Cricket is not your ordinary girl. Nicknamed "Cricket" as a child because she couldn't stay still, the name stuck.

The Cowboy is not a hat-wearing, boot-stomping, horse-riding guy, but rather the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

She's on the first real vacation of her life. He's in Hawaii during the off months for relaxation. She doesn't know him and couldn't care less that he's a big star. He thinks she's a groupie! She runs into him on elevator. "Oops!"

Read an excerpt.

Spirit of Love
by Sue Crawford

Now available from Electric eBook Publishing

Katie Weathers never wanted to work in a nursing home. Circumstances put here there. And she most certainly never believed in ghosts! That is, until she met one. Only this is no "ordinary" ghost...this one was on a mission. And this "grandmotherly" ghost's mission, as Katie learns, is to help her find happiness.

Read an excerpt from "Spirit of Love"

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