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12-18-06 - Update.

Lakers lost! Boo! Radman had 27 pts! YAY!. Anyways, wonderin' what to get your mother or father for Christmas? Look no further:

11/5/06 - Vote in the upcoming election!

Make sure you vote this year gang. We can't hang with the Terminator forever. Also, it gives us - or our parents anyways - the opportunity to jack up the price for smokers. And that benefits everyone. Also, don't let this happen to our children.

11/2/06 - New, unused, factory sealed iPod Shuffle $65.

Ey, check what I just got!!! I'm selling it for $65 though if anyone wants it. Jealous much?

11/1/06 - Yo, check it

I found my old "dumb.html" page. I totally forgot about it. None of the old pictures from my old website are there anymore though. l337!

10/30/06 - Yea or Gay? You be the judge

Johnsloth C. has claimed this picture is a picture of a Johnseth doing what we call a "dunk" - or a "360 windmill through-the-legs" as Johnseth calls it. HE claims it is absolutely a dunk, if you were to look at the height of his elbow compared to net. I choose to believe him, but the camera work is so shoddy, it makes me cry out loud. So, dunk or no? Dwayne Wade or David Spade? You be the judge. kthxbye

10/27/06 - Now All we need is a movie!


It has come to my attention that my Laker countdown at the top there was defective. My response? No hago mistakies. Satisfied?

supermaing (5:03:00 PM): i want to grab his nutsack
jS EATS CuC (5:03:01 PM): its making me gay
supermaing (5:03:07 PM): me too!
jS EATS CuC (5:03:11 PM): wow
jS EATS CuC (5:03:12 PM): same second
jS EATS CuC (5:03:19 PM): that deserves a spot in your website!
supermaing (5:03:19 PM): ballah!

Hey gang, new shoes! Calvin doesn't like them, so I have no choice but to return them :( . I got the "White/Coal Navy" ones.

Total cost to me: $10.75 (actually my sister bought them for me)


Hey gang, I was thinking of making a media download page, and here are a few samples of SomethingGarlic original buddy icons:

For the motha' fillion Phillipinos out there (I'm looking at you Byron and Dan), here's another hillarious vid from TouchBlue Entertainment. It's funny stuff. So, watch this vid, take off your pants, and laugh (at the movie of course). Mabuhay (I'm still Vietnamese...)! Man, instead of posting every single movie they have, why don't I just refer you here? TouchBlue Entertainment's YouTube profile with all of their movies. Also, check out Touch Blue Entertainment. I hate to spell out jokes, but if you don't know the basic premise of all Mentos Commercials, here's the cliff's notes addition: People get in to a fix - or jam, if you will - they pop a mentos, they come up with some brilliant plan, and then they get the girl in the end (or the cop doesn't write them a ticket, iono).
Mentos Parody

Hey gangbangers, I saw this movie on Youtube and it tickled me in and inappropriate and intense way. Anyways... it's Terry's Mega Hitz! The guy's name isn't really Terry Maddox, it's actually Jaymer Cabebe and he is a member of Touch Blue Entertainment. It's a pinoy party up in here (I'm Vietnamese though...).


jS EATS CuC: yes you do
jS EATS CuC: ill challenege you
jS EATS CuC: i challenge you
supermaing: i challenge you to a free style typing rap battle
supermaing: you down?
jS EATS CuC: man
jS EATS CuC: give me time to watch 8 mile
supermaing: nah man, right here right now
jS EATS CuC: go
supermaing: heads or tails?
jS EATS CuC: steve ngo
supermaing: nope, tails
supermaing: you go first
supermaing: ill give u a beat, uh uh uh uh....
jS EATS CuC: you think you are all that
jS EATS CuC: but you're really not
jS EATS CuC: gg
supermaing: my turn
supermaing: uh uh
supermaing: check it
supermaing: check it
supermaing: yea
supermaing: all right
supermaing: ummm
supermaing: You see them back with the smash
I told you niggaz I'm comin and bustin yo ass
Alot of niggaz is hype, but you know they hardly be trash
See I don't read through them niggaz, bout to step on the gas (TURN IT UP)
supermaing: and ill play you like a mother effing rook
supermaing: on a chess board
jS EATS CuC: wtf

Yeah, that's how I roll

Anyways... I got a new email addres Since it's new, I'm trying not to spam the shiz out of it. I know some of you want to, but I'm trying to keep it as spam free as possible. So no bright ideas a-holes.

Update: Well, a bit of somber news. My sister just informed me that our great grandma recently passed. She was 100 years old, and incredibly small. We had been expecting her to go for a few months though. I believe it was pancreatic cancer. Well, pray for her soul guys. It couldn't hurt to pray.


Well, SNL sucked last night...
Even with Dane Cook. With the recent departures of two my favorite cast members: Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch, and the firings of my other favorite cast members: Chris Parnell, Horatio Sans, Finess Mitchell, there is hardly any fun left remaing on the show. Well, here's a glimpse of better times as Chris Parnell delivers a tribute to Britney Spears.

Watch Chris Parnell

Also, I created a new Music page. It should load to an Angelfire site. Its in its early beginnings, but hopefully I can have a bunch of cool songs on there. At the moment, I only have two.


...and now, the best Kobe Mix ever created.
Below lies one of the best basketball (non professional) mixes I have ever seen. It's 7 minutes long and it chronicles "The Return of Kobe". Extremely well done, and has a wide variety of shots, blocks, assists, and every point Kobe scored in the famous game against Toronto (dont worry, its not arduously long). Also, in other news, did yall catch the favicon in the URL address bar up there ? Balla! I also have this movie in PSP/iPod format (.mp4). If you wanna download it, tough, because I haven't uploaded it yet.


Music Player Reviews
Hey gang, I was bored so I reviewed 4 music players I found lying around the house. Yea, this is more productive than studying for Bradarich's class. Check it out

Save RoomHey gang! With the new iPod, comes me actually looking at iTunes. By chance, I saw that John Legend came out with a new single entitled, "Save Room". If you liked John Legend before, you'll really enjoy this one. It's an awesome song, give it a download, and keep it real. Real, real.

Guess who just bought the new iPod nano!!! Give up? Wow, you barely even tried. Anyways, yes, its me! I recently bought the 4gb iPod nano (Blue) for $199.99.
Here's a large pic.
Here's another pic of me holding it Cheeya!

- also -

Jamie Flam's Guide to Trashtalking


It's 9/11, but that dont mean we cant watch crazy music videos! Below is one of my new favorite songs from the Idlewild soundtrack. The videos whack, but the song is good.

Morris Brown by Outkast (Big Boi) from the soundtrack, "Idlewild"


Hey gang! School's back in session, and I couldn't not be happier. If you didn't pick up on that, I hate school. With the new ano escolar, comes a new layout for my site. I became aware recently, through great analysis and inspection, that the last one was butt-ugly. So here you go you jerks. It's on the plain side at the moment, but hopefull I'll find a buncha crap to make it look busy and worth viewing. Also, did y'all hear about the Starbury clothing line? If you haven't, hit up It's great and the price is something even Dan can afford *snickers. F#%k school!!! This is the only page on the site that looks like this, and that blah.html link up there don't work.

8/21/06 What happens when three kids with very dumb screennames hate on my nba skills? Random NBA test time.
You scored as Richard Jefferson. You play like Richard Jefferson. You are underrated and some times forgoten, but never by your teammates or opponents. You can score well and are a threat on the boards. You are getting better every year and you want to get better at that.

Michael Redd


Richard Jefferson


Kevin Garnett


Jason Kidd


Ron Artest


Kobe Bryant


Dirk Nowitzki


Ben Gordon


Shawn Marion


LeBron James


Richard Hamilton


Steve Nash


Dwyane Wade


Ben Wallace


What NBA basketball player are you?
created with


What the heck is this?
I was just purusing my archives when I came across this Man Sandwich. Interesting. Actually, after going on to Youtube and watching that freaking hot Australian girl do her rap, I decided to check out my movie. Man, that Australian chick is freaking hot. Watch her say "bye" at the end and tell me you don't love her.

by: Andrew 8/9/06

jS EATS CuC: why does she think you are crazy
jS EATS CuC: is she gnarls barkley
somethinggarlic: nah, patsy klein
somethinggarlic: just kiddin, i dont know who that is
jS EATS CuC: oh its that one super model
somethinggarlic: i think its an old country singer
jS EATS CuC: i think its a chef
somethinggarlic: i heard she was a santa claus
jS EATS CuC: i dressed as her for halloween
somethinggarlic: i dressed as her for thanksgiving
jS EATS CuC: i ate her for thanksgiving
somethinggarlic: i am thanksgiving
jS EATS CuC: she was inside my cake for my birthday
somethinggarlic: she busted outta my cake and stripped on my birthday
somethinggarlic: and it was ice cream cake
jS EATS CuC: she made ice cream from her teardrops when i told her she was ugly
somethinggarlic: she came to my house and rang my doorbell and ran away
jS EATS CuC: she came to my house in a paper bag, set it on fire and rang my door bell so i stepped on her
somethinggarlic: i flushed her down the toilet this morning
jS EATS CuC: she terrorized tokyo city
somethinggarlic: she wrote a song called "andrew" and it won three latin grammys and it was in english
jS EATS CuC: she taught richard simmons all that he knows now
somethinggarlic: that would explain why he looks like this:
jS EATS CuC: she sat on steve and thats why he looks so beautiful
somethinggarlic: she pees poop
somethinggarlic: and she surprisingly poops steve ngo
jS EATS CuC: she poops cake
jS EATS CuC: and i love cake
somethinggarlic: ew
jS EATS CuC: steve = cake
jS EATS CuC: ?
somethinggarlic: thats the transitive property
jS EATS CuC: understood
jS EATS CuC: she understand sean paul when he sings
somethinggarlic: without looking, tell me how this conversation started
somethinggarlic: and ill give u byron bello
jS EATS CuC: i need more interest
somethinggarlic: byron, and dans thighs
jS EATS CuC: damn good deal
jS EATS CuC: ummm

by: Andrew 7/20/06

I'm always on Youtube, and I know you are too, dedicated reader. So I decided to post my favorite Youtube videos on a new page cleverly titled: Youtube Videos. It should be up soon enough you jerk.

by: Andrew 7/11/06

A really photoshopped picture Hey gang, update after about whatever months. Well, here is the final look for the site. I know its plain, but it took me like a billion years to settle on it. Well, summer vacation is in full swing by now. We got the fireworks out of the way, and now its time for what we all want: updates on my site. Me and the sizzle have collaboe'd to create a "True Stories" section about some person which should be up and password protected in the upcoming weeks. I'm sorry for the lack of detail, but I don't want to give to much away. Also, my computer had some adware on it a couple days ago, but I downloaded the Google Pack, and now everythings all right. So do yourself a favor, and download that shiz. I also make some money if you do too. So go on over to the downloads section and give that thing a click. Gracias.

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