Hello My Name is Robert, My friends call me Smurfie !

I have been married for 35 years to my lovely wife Sue.

We have 2 boys Darryl and Derek and 3 grandchildren.

I am retired from the Merchant Navy after serving 35 years

at sea. I worked on many ships around the Australian coastline.

My wife and myself travel all around Australia in a mobile home

living at Boyne Island for 13 months before moving back to Brisbane

to be with the grand children. Derek and myself talk on the

amature Radio together and always enjoyed each others company.

My eldest son Darryl is now living in England and enjoys it there.

The Legend About Smurf's

Far away in a land where houses are shaped like mushrooms

live a tiny blue people called Smurf's.

Some scholars believe   that Smurf's dropped out of the mushrooms,

while others   believe they just Smurfed out of nowhere.

Smurf's are friendly, loyal, kind, and are always on the lookout

for new friends. You'll find they're good listeners, great companions,

and energetic playmates. Step into the wonderful world of the Smurf's ...

And you've got a friend.


As you can see I like smurf's,

My hobby is the 11 meter radio .

I love people from all parts of the world .

Derek and myself worked many

countries together on the Radio and

always enjoyed each others company.

Some of my other hobbies and interests are:

Collecting Stamps , Deep Sea Fishing.

I Love books on PC's and PC Programing

I like any information I can find on

Computer Programs


All My Friends are in the Radio Chat

rooms and the Forum Chat rooms,

Yahoo is My Favorite Chat Area !


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