ALITS is a site dedicated to the shows Charmed, Yugioh and newly, Ruruouni Kenshin. Yay! This site has many things to offer and more coming soon. Please link back if you use anything! Enjoy your stay and please sign the guestbook!


OMG i have not updated in like foever!!!! (at least like a year!!!!!) Let's just say that putting the layout on everypage was kinda tricky and just not working out the way i wanted it to. Because i had done this page when i first started it (this was my first website) well, the site, i had done weird backrounds with pagebuilder and stuff and kinda combined it with html which like messed the whole thing up and made it hard to handle and keep like, organized. also, being in high school now and really busy with, stuff, doesn't give me much time to think about such things. However, i do have an internet class comming up soon (one of the cool parts of high school, picking your own classes) so i might get to work on this stuff more and "refresh my memory" which isn't very good. I also have been working on a combined website with a friend. you can visit it at here. It is called Anime and it has some of our favorite anime shows on it. For example, Rurouni Kenshin, Azumanga Daioh, and now we are adding an interesting manga series. Well, come check it out if you want to. Another thing that stinks about not managing the site for a long time is the fact that some of my accounts (like bravenet!) have expired, leaving some of my functions on this site like guestbook and forum, unavaliable. i have now also lost all records on my guestbook!!!!!!!!! i had things in there from when i first started this site and now they are all gone!!!!!!!!!!!! well, i will be thinking about the future of this site. no matter what, i won't delete it, but updates and stuff and the layout/html is an issue. if you wanna see a site somewhat like this, maybe better, maybe worse, just visit the link above, or for people where the link won't work, the url is cya round people! ^o^

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