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"...for the strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack..."
Rudyard Kipling

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The Gray Wolf

As many as 750,000 wolves once roamed North America. Native American tribes admired the wolf for its endurance, intelligence, and skill in hunting. Wolves live in packs of 8 to 20, and are highly intelligent and socially evolved. By preying on weak, diseased, and injured animals, wolves enhance the overall strength of moose, caribou, and deer populations. Despite their important ecological role, and posing no threat to humans, wolves have been hunted nearly to extinction. Today in the U.S., the haunting melody of a howling wolf pack is heard in only a handful of states.
Wolf Wars by Hank Fischer (1995)

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High off in the hills there is a spirit
that floats on the wind like a feather fallen from heaven
It is a spirit that understands we are all one
that the howl of the wolf does not portray evil,

I would urge you to go there and breathe it in
where ever this place may be for you

When you have drawn breath in the spirit place
you will go away knowing that you are not one.....
The tracks of life that you plant in the earth are the
road map to your destiny
That life does not end,
in the passing of your bones
to dust........

~~ Taken From a Poem by Gregory Wright ~~
~~ Thank You Spiritmate ~~

***Little Red Riding Hood lied!***
**Some Facts About Wolves**

*Wolves aren't a threat to humans.

*Wolves are elusive, intelligent animals. They avoid confrontation. There has never been a verified case of a healthy wild wolf killing a human in North America. Not one.

*Wolves aren't killing machines.

*With rare exceptions, wolves kill only in order to eat -- unlike humans.

*Wolves are extinct in Colorado.

*Gray wolves once ranged from the Arctic Circle to as far south as Mexico City. It took a 70 year campaign -- funded by the government and livestock producers -- to extirpate wolves from Colorado.

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"La Loba" Wolf Woman

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"He who cannot howl,
will not find his pack"

~~Charles Simic~~

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