A look at some of the End of the World (again) scenarios . . . .

End of the World

Earth-Moon-Sun 5 billion years future
In about 4.6 to 5 billion years from now the Sun will evolve into a red giant and likely burn up the inner planets or perhaps engulf them. Thus the ultimate fate of the Earth could be to increase the metallicity content of the Sun by a trace amount as it is gradually dissolved inside the photosphere (T ~ 500000 to 2 million K) of the future Red Giant Sun.

Waco siege 1993
Branch Davidian leader David Koresh believed he had unsealed the scroll in Revelation and would then perhaps bring about the end of the world in the future. There followed the 1993 stand off with the ATF and FBI, which ended tragically at Waco.

Asteroid impact as possibility
Some believe a possible asteroid impact on the Earth of similar scale to the KT Event (65 million years ago) could bring about the end of the world at that time.

Apophis asteroid trajectory
The Apophis asteroid was for a while considered to be an impact threat depending on possible gravitational perturbations to its trajectory during the first close fly-by in 2029 which could then have led to an Earth impact on its return journey in 2036. It is now considered less of a threat, but will nonetheless make a close pass.

Apophis asteroid

Apophis close pass 2029

Possible initial close pass of Apophis in 2029. (NASA/JPL)

Pastor Harold Camping
Pastor Harold Camping predicted that the world would end on May 21, 2011. When it didn't he set a revised date for October 2011. He had made an earlier prophecy that it would end in 1994. Many others down through the centuries have predicted Apocalyptic end time events, particularly in the run up to the year 1000 AD and also prior to 2000. Others believed that years or dates having the numbers 666 or 999 in them forebode evil or calamitous events in the world.

Almost May 21 2011
The End of the World May 21, 2011.

2012 movie
Some people currently (Nov 2012) believe that the Mayan calendar Bak'tun prophecy foretells the end of the world for December 2012. Even Hollywood has released a 2012 apocalyptic disaster movie.

Ruler of Nazi Germany, Chancellor Adolf Hitler believed he would establish a Reich (state) lasting 1000 years. Instead he led his followers to their destruction when he began a war of annihilation in which 55-60 million people died. Some people may have thought that World War I and World War II, or indeed other more recent conflicts could herald the beginning or form part of tribulation events.

Dateline May 2011
May 2011

Left Behind Rapture
Many believe that chaotic and frightful world events will usher in the Apocalypse. Some believe that out of the chaos and disaster a small remnant of mankind will be saved, and that this will culminate in Christ's return and the end of world history.

End of the World sold out

Camping October 21 2011
Pastor Camping's revised date for the end of the world October 21, 2011 when it was to have been destroyed by fire as described in the book of Revelation. Revelation however, gives no particular date or year for these events.

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Lateran Treaty 1929 ratification
Ratification of the 1929 Lateran Treaty which established the Vatican State (Holy See)
in Rome as a sovereign state separate from Italy.

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The Lateran Treaty 1929
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