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-The Jemima Parallel Chronicles!-
This is a fan page or rather pages off of my CATS site! ^.^ However, this site does contain my Fanfiction/Fanart as well.
*NOTE: My stories were inspired by Dennis Callin's "The Jellicle Chronicles", however I emailed him awhile ago, telling him, and thanking him. Also, my stories are just for fun, a hobby, and are not the best, in any way, So I'd appreciate it if you were kind and courtesy. If you have constructive critisim, that's fine, just don't be rude. And thank you for your time, and whoever reads this. Now onto the fun! ^.^

**Jemima Parallel Chronicles, New Junkyard Jellicles, and The Icellicka Logs are copyrighted by me, though all original characters are copyrighted by TS Elliot, and Andrew Webber. Also, some other characters are copyrighted by their original owners. Please do not use them without their permission. Thank you.**

First Established: January 1, 2007
Last Updated: April 14, 2008
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