* My Pageant History *
1994- The first pageant I entered was Miss Ohio National Pre-Teen.

1995~1997- I entered many pageants during this time.  I often placed winning awards in "Just Say No," talent, sportswear, interview attire, and on... I even went to Nationals for National Pre-Teen when I placed 4th Runner-Up at the state level in '95. The next two years I placed 4th Runner-Up and 1st Runner-Up accordingly.  Systems I participated and placed in include:  National Pre-Teen, Rold Model USA, and America's Achievement.

1997- In the summer of this year, I was crowned Miss Ohio National Pre-Teen.  Nationals was a blast.

My pageant participation continued.  Over these years is when I started to do many public appearances (speeches & parades).  New programs I participated in:  Pride of America.  I was 1st Runner-Up in Ohio in 1999.  That fall, I attended Nationals in Minnesota where I was 1st Runner-Up to the National Ambassador.  

2000- I was crowned Pride of Ohio.  Again, I attended Nationals in Minnesota.  I was also named Miss Simon Kenton.  That summer, rode right behind Heather Renee French in her 'Homecoming Parade."

2001- This year was the first time I entered the American Coed system.  I entered the Teen Division.  I was happy when I placed 4th Runner-Up.  That November, I attended Nationals in Orlando.  It was G*R*E*A*T !!

2002- I was crowned Miss Ohio National TeenAger. I attended Nationals in Nashville that summer.   I was also named Miss Ohio American Touch of Class.  This year was a turning point for me.  New systems I got involved with include:  National TeenAger and America's Touch of Class.  I again, competed in the Teen Division of American Coed.  I placed 2nd Runner-Up this year. 

2003- I was named Miss University of Charleston.  For the third time, I competed in the American Coed system.  This year, I was in the Coed Division.  I kept improving, I placed 1st Runner-Up.  This year I also entered the National American Miss system.  State was amazing.  At states I placed in optionals that include:  sportswear, academic achievement, sponsor letter, most ticket sales, and so on... Even better, I was asked to represent the state of West Virginia as the Miss Queen. Nationals in California was a dream come true!

2004- In July, I was crowned Miss Ohio American Coed.  Since then, I have been busy with fundraising, parades, speeches, pageant judging, and preparations for Nationals. At Nationals, I placed top five in Academic Achievement.

2005- Crowned the new Miss Ohio American Coed 2005 in July.  Nationals was a blast as usual! I was named 1st Runner-Up to the Miss American Coed Victory!
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