~~~Red Path Pages~~~

Young or old I have always felt I did not belong here in this world
and for more years  than I care to count my heart has yearned for Home.
Through the study of many prophesies ,of both the bible
and of our people, that an end time would come,
I began to look homeward with new hope and understanding.
Many of the songs I listen to hold this theme as well, in particular Walela.
I have put some together in these pages with the graphic art of Silverhawk, and my own
strong faith in Jesus
When I call these pages the Red Path Pages I think mostly of the blood Jesus shed for others,
although I am aware that it also means the traditional ways of Native American People.
I find no conflict in the two outlooks.
Jesus shed blood to assure us a place with the Creator.
Our people have shed blood too, in the will to hold life sacred.
Through this labor of love here
I hope to include music, essays, and stories of Native People who
carry on the traditions of our elders,
but who also believe in the Creator God and the laws and traditions He established.
I will honor those who also give Him credit for the good found in this life,
as we look forward to the promise of Home with Him forever.
I am your companion now upon this journey home
and I hope my efforts will lift your spirits
and encourage you onward.
Created by
member of the
Swinomish Tribe and the
Yakama Nation
Washington State

These pages are meant to honor the Creator, by whose wisdom, love, and guidance 
we are lead  back to the Source.
And for  you who walk the path with us..
Look to your left and you will find others who also live the traditions today.
Look to the right and you will see those who have gone before you.
We are all on the same path, heading home.
May your journey be shared with such companions who give their songs
and stories to uplift your heart and spirit along the way.
At journey's end we will all have stories to tell and a song of great rejoicing
for the path we have walked.
Thank You Jesus for providing the Way!
Special Thanks to the music of Walela, the web graphics of Sam Silverhawk and the artist who created "The Shepard" on the background
And especially
Yahoo-Geocities for this webspace
you are visitor
feather and accesories are native web graphics by Sam Silverhawk
Music playing is "mysticnature"
-source unknown-
"The wolf will live with the lamb,
the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together: and a little child will lead them" 
Isaiah 11:6

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