This is a page for various webrings I'm in.
Evil People
A red head obsession clique ^__^
His power is in his patch ^-^
Tenshi no namida The Yaoi and Shonen Ai clique
Aya and Farferello think yaoi thoughts

Dirtythoughts<*-*>Farferello and Aya
anime garden:: Fujimiya Ran :: white rose // Farfarello :: Black rose

Hump Island ^^ Aya, Farfarello, Crawford and Schuldig
Aya and Farfarello are making out in my closet!
-=[bish-bashers BEWARE :: Farfarello is on the loose]=-
I 'heart' Farfarello
Aya Miko
miko ~*~ (Aya and Farfarello)
Farfarello is better chocolate covered!
*Kisu* : Aya and Farferello
Farfarello Rox my Sox!
AMILF :- Farfarello
I glomped the stuffing out of my (Aya snuggling Farfarello) plushie!

Brad Crawford + Farfarello + Ran Fujimiya = Bizarre Love Triangle

^.^ Farfarello
I wanna slap Farfarello's ass!
lubricus ‡ James PotterxSeverus Snape
I know it's not WK, but I love the pairing ^_~
| I ¤GLOMPED¤ Farferello |
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