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Visit Fort Rajmachi - A refreshing week-end Trek
Fort Rajmachi (15 km off Lonavla, in Maharashtra State of India) is an ideal destination for a refreshing week-end Trek from Mumbai (Bombay) or Pune. It is a historical Fort built to control and guard the ancient Trade Route passing through the Sahyadri, viz. Bor Ghat, which connected ports on the Western coast of India to prospourous towns on the Deccan Plateau. The Fort, surrounded by deep valleys and green forests, is a picturesque beautiful spot.
Rajmachi Rural Aid and Development Programme , a non-profit NGO, wants to promote the historical Fort Rajmachi as a centre for adventure tourism and eco tourism. We have a Camping Site at Fort Rajmachi for the benefit of trekkers and tourists. We provide camping facility and catering service at Rajmachi at a moderate price. For guidence in planning a trek to Fort Rajmachi and for camping accommodation & catering arrangement at Rajmachi please send e-mail to Or call Mukund Gondhalekar on (91) 92235 79685 / (91) 90117 68348

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