PNWR Schedule
Train Name Description Last known motive power(number) and date known
Albany Switcher (Job 70) On duty at 7:00 PM daily. Work includes sorting out traffic brought back from Union Pacific by Portland & Western's Eugene Hauler, building the outbound Westsider and the following day's Toledo Hauler plus coordinating inbound trains. 41 on 9-24-04
Albany Day Switcher (Job 73) On duty 5:30 AM daily. Same responsibilities as Albany Switcher. 41 on 9-24-04
Eugene Hauler (Job 77) On duty at 7:00 AM daily. Builds train consisting of Roseville traffic for interchange at Union Pacific's Eugene yard. UP supplies motive power. UP Motive Power
Night Eugene Hauler (Job 78) On duty 7:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. Forwards interchange traffic to UP's Eugene Yard, primarily empties and CORP cars. UP Motive Power
Daylight OE Switcher (Job 340) On duty 5:00 AM daily. Switches inbound BNSF interchange traffic (BNSF 663 train) as well as switch local industries as needed. Also may be called upon for clean-up duty at the original (former SP) Albany yard.
Night OE Switcher (Job 341) On duty 5:00 AM Monday through Friday. Generally builds northbound BNSF interchange train (BNSF 664) plus switches local industries as needed.
Toledo Hauler (Job 75/76) On duty at 1:00 PM daily (varies as needed). Shares power with the Westsider. From Albany, the train is blocked with Corvallis Junction set out cars behind the power, then chip loads, scrap cardboard loads and empty boxcars on the rear.
Corvallis Switcher (Job 60) On duty at 7:00 AM Monday through Friday. Covers the area from Monroe and Dawson to Philomath and north to Dallas occasionally. Corvallis, including the Westside, as far north as Derry and Dallas. Current pattern is to operate to Dawson on Tuesday and Thursday each week. 2305 on 9-29-04
OE Local (Job 330) On duty 7:00 AM Monday through Friday. Work OE line north of Salem. 2314, 3208 as of 10-13-04
Salem OE Switcher (Job 333) On duty 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Shares power with OE Local. Switches local industries and handles interchange with BNSF at Minto. 3208 & 2313 as of 12-5-04
Albany Hauler (Job 353) On duty 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Move traffic from Eugene to Albany OE yard. May make pickups and set outs at American. 2311, 3203, & 2306 on 12-13-04
American Turn (Job 352) On duty 7:00 AM Monday through Friday. Works industries north of Eugene to American. 1803 on 10-7-04
Eugene Switcher (Job 350) On duty 6:00 AM Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. Switch industries in local area. On weekends, may work north to American. 1801on 10-7-04
Night Eugene Switcher (Job 351) On duty 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Switch industries in local area. On weekends, may work north to American. 1801 on 10-7-04
Toledo Switcher (Jobs 50/51) On duty at 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM daily. Switches Georgia Pacific's large paper mill, including a wood chip rollover as needed. Rollover has its own 45-ton, side rod switcher to move cars within facility. 1551 on 9-24-04
Mac Roustabout (Job 82) On duty at 8:00 PM Sunday through Thursday. Covers the Willamette Industries mill at Dallas plus other industries at Gerlinger and Derry as needed. 2317 on 9-30-04
Mac Switcher (Job 80) On duty at 6:30 AM Monday through Friday, 7:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. Duties include switching Cascade Steel Rolling Mill and other local industries. Also switches Smurfit interchange at Newberg daily. 1851 on 10-17-04
Westsider (Job 81) On duty 11:00 PM daily. Moves McMinnville-area traffic to where UP Eugene Hauler is assembled (currently at Ashahr). Traffic out of Albany consists of cars destined to Gerlinger, Whiteson, McMinnville and Newberg. 3300, 3205 on 9-24-04
Willamina Turn (Job 83) On duty 2:30 AM Monday through Friday. Switches Willamina Lumber Co. complex and other customers on the branch. 4433 on 91-19-05
Rock Train (Job 355) On duty at 5:30 AM Monday through Friday. Usually on duty at Reed Quarry near Hopmere on the former Oregon Electric between Greton and Salem. Routine varies according to the needs of Morse Brothers. Works from Reed Pit, Tonquin, Hillsboro, or Deer Island as needed by Morse Brothers. Note: This job normally uses remote control. 2313, 2305 on 1-08-05
Brooklyn Hauler (Job 686) On duty 10:00 PM daily. Normal work pattern is to pick up traffic from Union Pacific's Brooklyn yard. Usually works to Harbor Saturday nights. 2307 & 2315 on 12-5-04
Harbor Turn (Job 687) On duty at 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Moves traffic between the Astoria line and St. Mary’s.
Hillsboro Switcher (Job 685) On duty 9:00 AM Monday through Saturday. Works St. Marys and Hillsboro area as needed. Usually this job runs to Stimson mill on the Seghers line west of Forest Grove and the former Oregon Electric Forest Grove branch.
St. Marys-Albany Turn (Job 342) On duty 8:00 AM daily. Moves traffic between St Marys and Albany. 2301, 3203, on 10-14-04
Linnton Day Switcher (Job 595) On duty at 6:30AM Monday through Friday, 700 AM Saturday and Sunday. Normal work pattern includes pulling BNSF interchange traffic at OW yard and switching industries in Linnton area. Operates on Astoria Line from OW Yard to St. Helens and United Railways Line from United Jct. to Bendemeer. 2308 & 2304 on 9-19-04
Linnton Night Switcher (Job 596) On duty at 1830 Friday - Sunday at St. Helens, 6:30PM Monday - Thursday at Linnton. Same work as the Linnton Day Switcher 2308, 3204 on 9-19-04
Wauna Turn (Job 477) On duty at 900 AM Monday through Friday. Works industries from St. Helens to Clatskanie. Works to Wauna usually only as needed. 2306 on 3-14-05
Lewis and Clark Explorer On duty at 8:00 AM Friday through Monday. Power is three RDC Budd cars. Train departs Linnton at 8:00 a.m. and arrives in Astoria at 11:40 a.m. with a four-hour layover in Astoria. After the layover, the train departs Astoria at 4:45 p.m. and arrives in Linnton at 8:50 p.m. Note: This passenger train operates between May 28 and September 20, 2004. ORRX 31, 11, and 10
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