Palmerston North Electric Power Station Inc.

An Aerial Photo of the Burr farm, the gas works and the power station - late 1960s

The power station complex, on the hilltop a little right of the gasometres, has largely blended into the city of Palmerston North beyond in the aerial photo. The railway siding that served the gas works and power station, runs along the top of the hill (which is known as 'The Terrace'), while the old abandoned (since the mid-1960s) main railway route through the city can be seen separated from the siding by a paddock. The stockpile of yellow pipes for the Kapuni natural gas line, which were there in 1969, appear to be alongside the siding. By 1972, the large gasometer had been removed and the gas works was largely demolished. The last gasometer was removed in the mid-1980s and Sutton Place was laid out in its place. 

What at the time was the Burr family home, is in the foreground, while the farm's cowshed is obscure on the right. The cultivated paddock beyond the house was regularly used to grow potatoes. The road is Napier Road / State Highway 3. (Photo: Val Burr)

Last updated: 31/3/2001

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