Palmerston North Electric Power Station Inc.

Scenes around the building

The antiquated Moffat stove that has long been a fixture at the power station. Its purpose, however, was probably not restricted to cooking dinner for the power station workers. Engine 215 is in the background. (Photo: VAB, 25/2/2001) 


The Superintendant's Office (upstairs), which nowadays serves as a committee room. Needless to say, it was not tidied up for the photo!!!!!!! (Photo: VAB, 25/2/2001)


The 'archive' of power station-related clippings that survives inside one of the cupboards in the Superintendent's Office. (Photo: VAB, 25/2/2001)


The wooden staircase to the Superintendent's Office and main display room. These stairs are noted for the wear on their treads. (Photo: VAB, 25/2/2001)


The 'power station-style' ablution facilities (the toilet, shower and hand basin) remain in use as a link with the past (!). However, in the future a separate toilet block will be added to the exterior, in part to enable these facilities to remain as 'heritage exhibits'. (Photo: VAB, 25/2/2001)

Last Updated: 25/2/2001

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