The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild at
Faires Annum Fall/Winter 2001
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Long Beach Renasisance Festival
Aug 25-26th 2001
One Year anniversary of the Polish Nobilty Commonwealth Guild's Debut!

Rik and Tarrah in their One Year Anniversary Encampment of the Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild. The First Official Historical Representation of the Polish Winged Hussars in The United States.

This Guild has been Officially acknowledged & endorsed by: The Polish Nobility Association Foundation, The Polish Consulat in Los Angeles, The Polish American Congress, and the Polish National Alliance.

Another view of Rik's Home made Polish Horse Costume, clan arms, and "captured Turkish" tent. All were scratch built and decorated by Rik.

The Guild Master in a pensive mood in the doorway of the Guild's Tent. Rik's waiting for more porspective members to join up. Contact him to discuss membership in the Rern Faire's Newest, most exciting Guild!

Even the youngest Faire goers are curious about the Winged Hussars of Poland.

Polish Nobleman Pan (Lord) Ryszard explains the history of the Polish Winged Hussars to a curious Nobleman of the Venetian Court.

Pan Ryszard poses with Pani Jadwiga Inglis, a prominant Polish Journalist who's been covering the progress of the Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild for many Polish Publications worldwide.

Pan Ryszard and Lady Tarrah in the First Camp of Armored Winged Hussars in the United States.

Pan Ryszard takes a moment to admire Lady taarrah as his Winged Hussar Armor looks on.

Pan Ryszard (Rik) pauses a moment between his Herb (Clan) arms of Sulima and his home made Horse costuming. A true proud Polish Nobleman who proudly represents Renaissance Poland and the Winged Hussars in America.

The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild's new "captured Turkish" tent at their One Year Anniversary Encampment at Long Beach, 2001. The Guild's Camp has grown significantly in one year, AND Membership is Open!

Pan Ryszard with his Polish Winged Hussar Armor, the first of it's kind in America. The Guild's sign and history display is on the right.

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