The Debut of the Polish Hussar Prince at
Faires Annum Spring/Summer 2000

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Corona Faire, February 2000

The Genesis of the Noble Polish Guild is visited by Pan Artur Plazewski.

It's good to be the Prince!

Our daunting Prince Ryszard in Phase One of his home made Polish Hussar costume.

Relaxing in his comfortable abode. The Prince contemplates his next escapade while taking a puff on his pipe.

Dangerous and beautiful things abound in the Prince's lair. What treasures will you find upon your visit?

Once more, standing proudly before his family coat of arms, the Sulima Prince relaxes in his humble home.

Ojai Faire, March 2000

The Prince of Polands' Hilltop Encampment at the Ojai Faire.

In typical Hussar fashion, Polish Prince Ryszard shows off his newest acquisition, his Polish Hussar Karabela Sabre; the most feared weapon of 17th Century Europe. The arms and armor of Clan Sulima are also displayed.

Meet the Karabela Sabre... The heck with that! Meet the handsome Dark Prince while you're at it! One can only wonder at the Polish treasures that lie within the tent... (Ed.)

While good company share the Polish encampment of Sulima with the Royal Spanish Court, The Polish Prince prepares for the clash of steel...

In a pose that can only be called "For the sake of Diplomacy for Posterity" The Prince Hussar of Poland greets and embraces the visiting Russian Dignitary, however...

...The reality of their relationship rears it ugly head as Poland and Russia are at each others' throats AGAIN!!! (Looks like Poland has the upper hand this time...)

Palm Springs Faire at the Crossroads, March 2000

At the Ojai Faire, the Sea Hawks' Captain Dagger is made to pay an ultimate price for sinking a Spanish ship with English citizens under their protection; to kiss the tip of the sword of the Captain of the King of Spain's flagship for all to see, Prince Ryszard of Poland...

Polish Hussar Prince Ryszard 'Sulima' Suligowski shares a moment with Good William while Club Antiquity Promoter J.D. pulls a draw on his pipe at the Palm Springs Faire.

Sir Ryszard (pulling a Nelson) on his right, , shares a family moment with Club Antiquity promoters J.D. and his lovely Lady L. at the Palm Springs Faire.

Convivia Festival, Singapore, April 2000

Furthering the mission to be the Diplomatic Prince of Poland, Hussar Ryszard travels to Singapore to strike fear and awe in the hearts of the people of the East. Here he is is portraying an English Knight for the Festival. Nee!

Not only did the Hussar Prince of Poland brave the long journey to the east, humidity, and heat were also combated with no mercy! Does anyone have any Armor All?

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