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Polish Winged Hussar Resin Kit (120 MM) Sculpted and Painted by artist Vincent Wai of Alpha Image Inc.

Another view of the Hussar Model Kit

Advertisement for the Polish Hussar Resin Kit by Vincent Wai

Painting by Ron Poulter of Polish Winged Hussars. "Evolution of Wings" from "Brassey's Book of Uniforms" by Tim Newark

Cover of the Osprey Military Men at Arms Series, "Polish Armies 1569-1696, Book I" by Richard Brzezinski and Angus McBride

A Polish Winged Hussar, drawing by W.T. Benda

The Hero of Vienna 1863
King Jan III Sobieski

Polish Winged Hussar Second half of the 17th Century... From the Book "Cavalry - The History of a Fighting Elite 650 BC - AD 1914"

16th -17th Century Map of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania. The LARGEST land empire in Europe!

The Polish 'Foreign Army' (Autorament) allies of the 16th and 17th Centuries


The Polish Army Timeline

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