Mission Statement 2003

The POLISH NOBILITY COMMONWEALTH GUILD is an historical re-enactment organization of serious 'Living History' enthusiasts, and dedicated re-creationists who are interested in portraying the 'Military Might' of the great Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania of the 16th and 17th Centuries, making scheduled appearances at various Renaissance Faires, Living History events, and parades from coast to coast throughout the United States.

The POLISH NOBILITY COMMONWEALTH GUILD is the First 'Officially Recognized' representation of the mighty and spectacular portrayal of 16th-17th Century 'Renaissance-era' European History.   This organization, or, "Guild" is the first of its kind in U.S. History, as far as current research has shown--Never before, has the world of U.S. Renaissance Faires and Military Timeline Events, been treated to such a noble, honorable and historically recreated presentation. Upon identifying a 'noticible gap' in the lack of proper representation of Poland in the Renaissance-era Faire circuit, the idea for the creation of THE POLISH NOBILITY COMMONWEALTH GUILD was formed, to 'redress this imbalance'. Guildmaster Rik (Sulima-Suligowski) Fox, (known largely for his Rock-musician Celebrity status in the 1980's), took his Polish 'Noble' Ancestry to heart, and became excited at learning from his Father, Chevalier Leonard Sulima-Suligowski, (Director of Heraldry for THE POLISH NOBILITY ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION), of the Polish Historical accounts, never taught in schools, about Poland's 'Military Might' in Her "Golden Age of the Commonwealth".

The Guild proudly displays both the Ancient Heraldic Polish Clan Arms of SULIMA (which were hand painted by Rik), and, a banner of "Recognition and Acknowledgement", courtesy of Dr. Roger Prince Chylinski-Polubinski, President of THE POLISH NOBILITY ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION. The Primary focus of the P.N.C.G., is on the Splendor, Pride and Glory, of what was, without a doubt at the time, the Greatest Cavalry fighting force in the world, (which ultimately led to the birth of the American Cavalry)...That of the Legendary POLISH WINGED HUSSARS...The most formidable, daunting and awesome Cavalry units to sweep out of Central Europe, taking on an image described like "That of huge avenging angels, of crimson and steel, who fly, as if on the wind, by horseback". They were the most magnificent sight ever seen, especially at full charge, and, their cavalry fighting and riding tactics have paved the way for everything we know today in equestrian studies. The Polish "Nobility" as such, consisted largely of the knightly "Warrior-Class" of the earlier age, and is often very confused with the concept of Nobility as "Royalty", to Western European thinking and understanding. Ten percent of Renaissance-era Poland, the Largest land Empire of Renaissance Europe, was of this knightly Noble Class status, which, was more than all of Europe combined at the time!

Thusly, as primarily a Military Encampment display, one would be treated to experiencing a sample of a Polish Military Camp of the epoch, which would have included portrayals of the Polish Nobility (Warrior Class), as the WINGED HUSSARS. Also, would be PANCERNI Cavalry, DRAGOONS, and INFANTRY, as well as examples of the Foreign mercenaries who fought as allies with Poland, such as the SCOTS, FRENCH, ITALIANS,GERMANS and the influence of the BALKAN STATES such as HUNGARY, SERBIA and CROATIA, to name a few. At this time there are no plans to include the convoluted 'Political Distractions' of a 'Royal Court' type of representation, especially, in the field.

Since the timeline of the POLISH HUSSARS ran roughly from 1500-1775, the P.N.C.G. can 'comfortably operate' within 1576-1683, depending on the given timeline of the event they are displayed at. This would historically cover the era of six Polish kings, two of which reigned during the time-line of Queen Elizabeth 1st, accurately allowing the P.N.C.G. to 'exist' within the Renaissance-era timeline events, for those who have questioned this possibility, since most faires, seem to be "Elizabethan-Themed" and, not 'completely' European in representation...

When not hampered by the 'politics' of a Q.E.1st timeline, the P.N.C.G. then represents the Polish Military during, what has become, arguably, the most notable and famous battle of early European History (aside from the battle of Grunwald). AT THE BATTLE OF VIENNA, Polish king JAN III SOBIESKI, and the WINGED HUSSARS became famous and responsible for mercilessly crushing the advance of the Ottoman Empire. They halted its invasion of Austria and then Europe, by strategically deploying several thousand of the WINGED HUSSARS at the precise moment in the battle, successfully routing the Turks from the field.

And, with regard to the making of eventful history, the year 2002, saw a few items of historic note as well: The Guildmaster was "Recognized and Acknowledged" by BOTH the POLISH CONSULATE in Los Angeles, CA., and by THE POLISH NOBILITY ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION, which, bestowed several Chivalric Titles to Rik, now allowing him to be addressed as "Chevalier Rik Sulima-Suligowski Fox, ROP., ROJ". (Royal Order of Piast, Royal Order of Jagiello, which are accolades of high esteem) for his attempts of raising POLISH HISTORIC AWARENESS. Also, 2002 saw the VERY FIRST portrayal in U.S. History, of Rik in full Polish Winged Armor, being featured in the New York City PULASKI DAY PARADE, an annual event which commemorates the memory of this hero of the American Revolution, GENERAL KASIMIR PULASKI, also known as "THE FATHER OF AMERICAN CAVALRY".

This portrayal was not only the first time in the 65 year history of the N.Y.C. PULASKI PARADE, but, the first time in ANY parade, Pulaski, or otherwise, ANYWHERE in U.S. American History, something ALL should take note of! Since these accomplishments have been accoladed by various prominent Polish-American organizations, as well as the POLISH CONSULATE, considerably, this would "elevate" the P.N.C.G. to a "must-see" level of visibility status to those who would take an interest in promoting the various timeline events of early European or Renaissance-era History. And, with regard to promoting past European History, exclusion of a group as fine as this, would only serve to short-change the events' patrons, and, could be interpreted as a discriminatory smear to the Polish-Americans everywhere, as has unfortunately, happened in the recent past... Now, included in the POLISH NOBILITY COMMONWEALTH GUILDS' repertoire, are such features as, "HOW THE HUSSARS FOUGHT", a demonstration and display using visual aids of the tactics used by the HUSSARS,and its relation to Renaissance Military Science.

Also included, are the Guilds' participation in the various (mock) "BATTLE PAGEANTS", of Renaissance-era warfare re-enactments, for the events' patrons. When not representing on the 'battlefield', they have included story-telling aspects of "OLD POLISH LEGENDS" to both young and old alike, the short stories of the early days of Poland's legendary history. The Guild-members have been known to break out into some celebratory dancing as well! They have also retained the member-services of a fine period armorer, Master-at-Arms instructer, equestrian, and even a costumer...

The P.N.C.G. also draws upon some of the influence of the film adaptations from the Nobel prize-winning "TRILOGY" series of author Henryk Sienkiewicz, such as "WITH FIRE AND SWORD", "THE DELUGE" and "COLONEL WOLODYJOWSKI", providing a unique Slavic approach to entertaining through history. Although currently based in Southern California, it is their aim to raise POLISH HISTORIC AWARENESS where-ever they go, since this is an area of history that is, unfortunately, often passed over, and, in seeking out Polish/Lithuanian/Slavic communities to share this information with them. Since this Guild *is* the first of its kind in U.S. History, it is widely felt, and generally agreed, that the P.N.C.G. should be entitled to a "Featured"" status, with regard to where-ever they proudly display their portrayal, and should be bestowed the due respect (as ANY ethnic group) for their representations of, and attempts at, raising POLISH HISTORIC AWARENESS, as so stated by the POLISH CONSULATE, and other prominent Polish-American organizations such as THE POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS, THE POLISH NOBILITY ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION, as well as the various Polish-American syndicated publications, International and Domestic,especially since this Guild is now recognized and renowned Internationally, and, not just at the 'local levels'.

So come, join the thousands who have already witnessed the re-enactment portrayals of the Splendor and Pride of "THE LAND OF THE WINGED HORSEMEN-THE POLISH NOBILITY COMMONWEALTH GUILD". They are available for various Polish-American functions and other 'Living History' type events, and time-lines of European History. Anyone interested in becoming a member, may contact the Guildmaster at: wngdhussr@yahoo.com, and, see their website at: http://webspace.webring.com/people/qp/pncg Further initial reference may be researched through: Osprey Publications' Men-at-Arms Series, "POLISH ARMIES 1569-1696", books I and II, and thru the Sienkiewicz "TRILOGY" film adaptations of his novels stated above available on video and DVD from: http://www.Polart.com, and, The RENAISSANCE HERALD NEWSPAPER/MAGAZINE, Dec. 2002, VOL.13, NO.49, "The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild" (Coverstory Featured Article).  




Last Update: January 11, 2003

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