The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild at
Faires Annum Summer/Fall 2001
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Proud to be Polish Event
June 3rd, 2001

Rik's appearance at the 1st Annual "Proud to be Polish" event in Los Angeles June 3, 2001. Bright Mount Church, a Polish Polish Parish.

Ryszard and Wladek Juszkiewicz, President of the Polish Film Festival of Los Angeles, at the "Proud to be Polsih" Event.

Rik's Hussar Display at the "Proud to be Polish" event. Special thanks to Mieczyslaw Dutkowski & Ryszard Widerynski of the Polish American Congress and Polish National Alliance, repectively.

The Consul General, of the Polish Consul of the Republic of Poland, in Los Angeles, poses with Rik (Pan Ryszard), at the 'Proud to be Polish' event June 3, 2001, at Our Lady of Bright Mount Polish Parish"
Photo credit: Stan Stankiewicz

Renaissance Pleasure Faire,
South 2001
1st Place Costume to Polish Hussar
Ryszard Sulima Suligowski!!

Prince Ryszard Sulima Suligowski talking with "Oly" from the Swedish Court during the costume contest judging.

Prince Ryszard Sulima Suligowski being awarded a medal of honor by the Queen for his first place cotume at the 2001 Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Prince Ryszard Sulima Suligowski is resplendent in his completed Hussar Armor and costume.

Prince Ryszard Sulima Suligowski poses with the Queen for the rest of the Court and Faire guests.

Prince Ryszard Sulima Suligowski and his Lady Tarrah at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire South after Rik's winning grand prize in the annual 2001 Costume contest!

Old Fort MacArthur Days
July 7 - 8th 2001

A proud Polish Nobleman, on guard at the ready. The 2001 premier of the Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild Encampment.

The Winged Hussar and his retainer prepare to depart for battle.

Display Board of Husaria Photos and History as well as the banner for the Polish Nobility Association Foundation.

Fur Hat Custom made by Rik
Modified Zhupan (tunic) from, customized and detailed by Rik.
Polish Hussar Sabre from
Photo credit: Larry Salk

Horse costume, saddle holsters, and horse tack by Rik. Fur hat by Rik. Modified Zhupan (tunic) from and boots from
Photo credit: Larry Salk

Rik's Hussar armor by K&K art, Czech Republic. Wings, furskin, costume and lance made by Rik. Lance was copied from the museum display, "Land of the Winged Horseman" from Poland.
Photo credit: Larry Salk

Ksiaze Ryszard Sulima Suligowski, Szlachci Chorangiew Husaria Towarzysz Krol, Stefan Batory, i Sigismund Trzeci wasa, z Kopijnik.

Close-up of Rik's armor and handmade wings. The Kopia (Lance) was copied from the museum display, "Land of the Winged Horseman" from Poland. which Rik has special permission to photgraph.

The wings have been modified, (shortened) from first construction, and as per the legends, do in fact "Buzz" in a strong breeze, such as during a charge

Retainer/Foot soldier Mike Eckert on guard with Warhammer.

Rik's Polish Winged Hussar armor on display for the first time in America by a Polish American (on a non museum level)

The new encampment of the Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild. Designed and built by Rik.

Horse blanket, saddle holsters, costume horsetack and lance holder all constructed by hand by Rik.

Standing Guard over the Hussar Camp, Footsoldier/Retainer Mike Elkert. Photo Credit: Jacek Nowaczynski
Banners of Poland and Lithuania line the inside of the tent. Photo Credit: Jacek Nowaczynski

Close up of the Hussar armor and lance. (Zbroja Husarza i kopia) Photo Credit: Jacek Nowaczynski

Close up of the Hussar armor and lance. (Zbroja Husarza i kopia) Photo Credit: Jacek Nowaczynski

A Patriotic moment of the Hussar, his armor, and polish flag. For liberty and freedom! Photo Credit: Jacek Nowaczynski


Las Vegas Renaissance Festival
October 2001

Pan Ryszard's Hussar Horse costume all designed & constructed by Rik

Winged Hussar Armor & "Captured" Turkish Tent on display at "The Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival, October, 2001.

Close-up of the Hussar's "Captured Turkish Tent" showing its 'Eastern-style' pattern, made by Rik.

Diagonal view of Oboz Husarsze (Hussar Camp), and "captured Turkish Tent', at the Las Vegas Festival, Oct. 2001.

The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild's newest & latest encampment in all its Glory. (Quite an accomplishment for ONE guy, in one year's time...)

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