Modern Hussar Cavalry Armor
First Polish-American Winged Hussar
of Noble Ancestry in United States History
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As the sun sets, Pan Ryszard scans the horizon for enemy movement.

A shot of the little-seen right side of the Winged Hussar, showing lance-rest, and full lance.

Right side close-up of Tuleja (lance-rest), Hussar style boot, and Pistol saddle holster.

The enemy vanquished, Pan Ryszard returns "Mrs. Fox" to her scabbard, job done.

As the enemy attempts to out-flank his Banner (Unit), Pan Ryszard prepares to wheel-about left, and meet them head-on.

With the Banner called out to action, Pan Ryszard prepares to join his Troop.

With the battle done, Pan Ryszard keeps a watchful eye through his battle face-mask, for further enemy movement.

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