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A letter of appreciation from the Consulate General of Poland
An Article on the P.N.A.F. and Rik Fox!!

Rik Fox is the Costume Contest
Grand Champion

From Lady Sutherland,
To Friends of Faire, South,
and Rik Fox

Rik Fox was awarded the honor of Grand Champion of the 2001 Costume Competition for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire South. Rik, of course, is a Friends of Faire Member. For those who can not wait for pictures to be posted to our site, you may visit his website:

The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild/So. California at For those who have not had the opportunity to see him yet, be prepared to be overwhelmed. The wings are so tall that he had tobend in half just to come into Friends of Faire through our very tall bridge/gate. If you see Rik and his g roup, please take the time to talke with them. You will experience the pride they have about their Polish ancestry. Again, congratulations Rik.

From Pan Ryszard Suligowski,
To Friends of Faire, South &
The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild

I wish to extend a heartfelt, and honored thank you to all who participated in the judging of this year's costume contest! Not just for myself, nay but for all those of Polish Heritage you have honred. It was my honor to share with you all some of the great culture, and history of the Commonwealth of Renaissance Poland, and in my case, the military aspect of the famous Polish Winged Hussars. They were in fact, quite well known due to their Legendary battle prowess, amongst the armies of Renaissance Europe. SO, by voting for me as winner of your costume contest, you have honored all Polish Citizens everywhere, and, the Famous Winged Hussars! The discomforts of bearing that armor and wings all paid off, in your recognition of something "new" at R.P.F.S. Thank you again for helping to return the Great Commonwealth of Renaissance Poland, back where it belonged... in front of those hungry for more knowledge of history. With deepest respect, and sincerity,

Rik Sulima Suligowski Fox/
Royal Polish Winged Hussar
The Polish Nobility Commonwealth Guild

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