The Polish Hussar at Home
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"Czesc, witam do nasze dom."
(With Honor, welcome to our home.)

Entering Front Door of the Hussar Home, looking center to left.

Entering front door of the Hussar Home, looking center to right.

Flanked by Hussar Sabres, the Sulima arms shield of the Suligowski branch, as painted by Rik.

A close-up view of Rik's new Zhoupan and fur hat showing details done by hand, by Rik. The hat was also made from scratch. Antique ruby hat brooch purchased at Hubba Hubba Antique Clothing store, Burbank, CA

Rik's Fur hat is a rabbit pelt stenciled with an ocelot fur pattern, sewn over a cut and revamped "Boonie Hat" available at any military surplus store.

Sulima arms banner as painted and constructed by Rik.

Here we see Rik's new Polish Zhoupan (tunic coat) altered from a Medieval Tunic by Jocelyn Plazewska.. The tunic can be purchased at Chivalry Sports. All trim and detail handwork was done by Rik.

Rik's boots are from Silvermane starting out as brown cavalry boots that were recut lower from over to under the knee, stripped and re-dyed and reheeled, adding 1.5" to the heel height. Hopefully someone will now market this boot style!

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